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  • Diesel Fuel

  • Neste  - Pro Diesel

    Neste - Pro Diesel

    Neste Oil launched a new premium-quality diesel - Neste Pro Diesel - to the Finnish market in September 2012. The new product is the first-ever to comply with the toughest diesel specification drawn up as part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) by automotive manufacturers in Europe, the US, and Asia. WWFC specifications are based on extensive R&D work and experience gathered from fuels used worldwide, and the...

  • Gasoline

  • Small-Engine Gasoline

    Small-Engine Gasoline

    Sulfur-free Neste small-engine gasoline has very low levels of evaporation and tailpipe emissions and is exclusively produced from carefully selected sulfur-free paraffines.Thanks to its excellent combustion, high octane number, and advanced composition, this gasoline contains no oxygenates or cleaning additives. This makes it the prefect choice for small engines that run at high and hot operating speeds, such as garden tools, chainsaws, and small...

  • Futura Plus

    Futura Plus

    Some old engines originally designed to run on leaded gasoline need an additive to protect their exhaust valves. Potassium-based Futura Plus is the perfect choice. Drivers should always confirm whether their engine really needs this type of additive before using Futura Plus. The easiest way to do this is to check your car manual or ask the importer. Futura Plus is not needed for two-stroke engines.