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MeteoSense - Model 2.0 - Weather Station

MeteoSense 2.0: GPRS weather station, for professional monitoring applications: Applicazioni: agro-meteorology, environmental monitoring, real time weather data collection.

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Portable Sensor Reader Handysense

Compatibile with: Humidity sensor and temperature soil TerraSense, Humidity sensor and temperature air. Item code: PN-0054-CC.

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MeteoSense - Model PRO - Marine Weather Station

MeteoSense PRO: professional weather stations, for industrial environments: Applications: Monitoring of physical and chemical parameters in industrial environments, networks of distributed monitoring.

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MeteoSense - Weather Station

MeteoSense: GPRS/LAN Ethernet weather station, flexible and modular: Applications: real-time data acquisition networks, integrated monitoring systems.

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TerraSense - Model SMT2 - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

Parameters under measurement: Soil Water volume content (WVC) (WVC), Soil temperature. Compatible with: MeteoSense base station/MeteoSense PRO, AgriSense/VineSense, Wireless unit AgriSense/VineSense, HandySense reader. Item Code, PS-0077-DD.

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User Interface & Data Rendering

All Netsens’ monitoring products are designed to be connected in real time to a remote Service Centre, where data are processed and stored. Each system, including the simplest Weather Station, forwards hundreds or thousands of data a day through Internet. The proprietary LiveData platform is Netsens’...

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Agriculture - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing

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Internationally (various countries)

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less than 1,000,000 €

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