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New Sky Energy

New Sky Energy is an award-­winning clean chemistry company based in Boulder Colorado. Our technologies focus on removal of hydrogen sulfide and CO2 from sour biogas and natural gas streams. New Sky designs, develops, and manufactures SulfurCycle equipment and chemicals for municipal and industrial desulfurization of natural and biogas streams. New Sky’s SulfurCycle process is the most sustainable and cost effective way to control hydrogen sulfide inside anaerobic digesters or biogas streams. SulfurCycle uses a water based, non-toxic suspension of metal oxide particles to capture and convert H2S into elemental sulfur. The H2S capture agent is regenerated in situ simply by blowing air through spent media, which converts captured sulfide into elemental sulfur. Media can be reused up to 30 times; significantly reducing chemical purchasing and waste disposal costs relative to conventional single use scavengers.

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4665 Nautilus Court, Suite 200 , Boulder , Colorado 80301 USA
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By recirculating treated gas to digesters operators can control H2S levels inside digesters by treating biogas outside digesters. This dramatically reduces the need to use iron salts or other chemical additives for H2S control.

New Sky also offers our innovative SaltCycle CarbonCycle technologies to convert common industrial waste streams like waste brines and CO2 into valuable clean chemicals. We work with some of the world’s largest energy and manufacturing companies to help them profitably convert troublesome industrial wastes into clean chemicals and clean water.

New Sky’s technologies have applications designed to serve multiple industries:

  • Oil & Gas: gas sweetening; produced water treatment; onsite, on-demand chemical production
  • Biogas and Landfill gas: gas sweetening & gas upgrading
  • Hydrothermal: gas sweetening
  • Industrial Wastewater: waste brines → clean water + clean chemicals
  • Brewery, Winery and Biotech Fermentation: fermenter CO2 to soda ash for bottle manufacturing
  • Glass Manufacturing: flue gas CO2 to soda ash for glass manufacturing
  • Mining & Mineral Extraction: metal and water recovery from acid mine drainage, onsite production of acid and base

New Sky has won a number of prestigious clean technology awards and clean energy partnerships:

  • 2014 CCEMC Grand Challenge $500k Grant
  • 2014 Partnership with Avery Brewing
  • 2013 SXSW Eco Showcase, 1st place in Greentech category
  • 2012 Artemis Top 50 (a top 5 finisher)
  • 2011 Imagine H2O Wastewater Award
  • 2009 Cleantech Open – Rocky Mountain Region winner and top national finalist

New Sky’s team has demonstrated a track record of creative problem solving that has brought important new recycling technologies to the oil and gas, biogas, and other industries.

Techno-Economic Study
New Sky employs a creative team of chemists, chemical engineers and business professionals. We begin each project by interviewing key staff at client sites to gather relevant technical information and to identify problems and opportunities and propose viable treatment options. Whenever possible we focus on cost effective, sustainable strategies rather than expensive single use scavengers with high waste disposal requirements. After identifying one or more practical treatment strategies we conduct a detailed techno-economic study to achieve all project goals at lowest cost to the client.

Lab Test
New Sky’s process development lab employs state of the art analytical tools like ICP-mass spec and multi-sensor gas chromatography to identify and quantify all chemical components of a client’s waste stream. Our chemists use these tools to rapidly screen and optimize recycling technologies for particular waste streams. Working with our engineering and business teams we identify practical, cost-effective treatment strategies and test them at bench scale in a controlled laboratory setting. We own and operate many chemical and electrochemical reactors that are used to develop and test enhancements to our processes.

Field Demonstration
We can quickly deploy and demonstrate our technologies at remote field sites. We design our pilot systems to operate like smaller scale versions of full scale operating systems. The data gathered from a field pilot can be directly used in designing a full scale treatment system. We employ full time chemical and environmental engineers as well as field staff with decades of practical construction, welding, wiring, and plumbing skills. This depth of experience and a highly creative scientific team help ensure a successful project outcome.

Full Scale
New Sky will design and build reliable, low-cost plants that are scaled to meet your company’s needs. We can train your staff to operate the plant, or enter a service agreement with a support level that best fits your operation. Remote monitoring tools provide real time information on flow rates, in-line chemistry and other important operating parameters. New Sky designs and builds its plants to meet or exceed the standards of the industries we work with.