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Air & Water are the most precious commodities on earth, yet their importance has been underestimated often. The price we have to pay for the increasing rate of industrialization is the deteriorating quality of air and water in many parts of the world, including the Middle East. With the aim of providing effective solutions for the threats posed to air and water by the process of industrialization, Newtech International was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in February 1991. To keep pace with the giant strides the country has been making in the industrial and commercial arenas under the visionary leadership of King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, Newtech has ventured into the realms of Electro-mechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control.

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P.O. Box: 54005 , Adliya , Kingdom of Bahrain Bahrain

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“Newtech International W.L.L” is a leading Engineering based Trading and Support Services company in the Middle East which was established by its founder Mr. A. Ponnuchamy in the year 1991 headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our corporate core motto is “bringing solutions, not just Equipment.

Newtech has carved niche for itself in the industrial sector because of its ongoing commitment to quality in its products and services. Newtech has ventured into the realms of Electro-Mechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control and has emerged as a leading supplier/service provider in the fields of Oil and Gas sector.

With a view to providing specialized expertise for the growing environmental needs of our market, a new company called “Envirotech Consultancy S.P.C ” was established in Bahrain in 1999. Envirotech has technical collaborations and associations with a number of international engineering consultancy companies and environmental laboratories to provide added value to its services. It mainly deals with environmental monitoring and also provides comprehensive environmental testing and compliance consulting services to industrial and commercial clients.

Due to the increasing customer database from Qatar, we formed a Qatar based “Newtech Intl. Co. Ltd.” , another independent subsidiary company in partnership with Petromech Trading & Construction in 2005.

Our achievements and increasing clientele had persuaded a few of our major suppliers to choose Newtech as their Middle East Representative for their products. We also work in other gulf countries through our business partners i.e. with Rezayat group in Saudi Arabia, Moshin Hyder Darwish (MHD) group in Oman, Business communications LLC in UAE etc.

Our Motto: Service with sincerity and dedication.

Our Mission: To provide the latest technologically advanced products and solutions to efficiently achieve our client’s ‘business objectives’.

Our Vision: The legacy of a cleaner and healtheir environment.