Nihot Recycling Technology B.V.

Nihot Recycling Technology B.V.

Nihot Recycling Technology BV has more than 70 years of experience in air separation technologies. One of Nihot’s core technologies is controlled air, which is a perfect waste separation medium both in terms of process technology and business solutions. Nihot designs, manufactures and installs controlled air separation systems supplied to companies within the Environmental and Recycling Industry. Nihot is a proven market leader in the design and delivery of specialist air separation technologies. Our systems and components are installed at customer`s plants all over the world.

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Generatorstraat 16 , Amsterdam , 1014 AT Netherlands
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Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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Why Nihot?
  • Nihot has more than 70 years of experience and is a recognized player in its field.
  • Expertise and knowledge: a global supplier and market leader in air technologies to separate waste.
  • Systems and components of a proven quality (see our references), to be utilized for virtually all kinds of waste.
  • Highest degree of separation (99%).
  • A test center in our factory to experiment and test with different materials.
  • Innovative products and solutions.

Unique Characteristics & Advantages

Each type of product or system has its own unique advantages and characteristics, such as the Windshifter's proven operational reliability and the Drum Separator's high capacity. Those proven benefits result in:

  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability


Nihot is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company is a recognized key player in air separation technologies, systems and components, and offers outstanding functionality and quality.

Many skilled representatives, sales and service agents represent Nihot in different parts of the world.

From the early start to after sales 

Are you searching for an efficient solution to separate waste by using air? Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your current waste separation system? Nihot has a high level of expertise and know-how, which is valuable at every stage of a project, from the early start until long after the delivery. Apart from the expertise we gained in the field over the years, we have a test center available to develop new techniques and to test unknown material compositions, types of materials.


We supply various companies with tailored (waste separation) solutions, for example:

  • Waste management companies,
  • System integrators
  • Consulting engineering companies

Nihot's products and solutions can be utilized to separate a large variety of waste materials, such as Construction & Demolition waste, Municipal Solid Waste and Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment. Read more about the different applications.


Nihot air technologies systems and components can be realized on a turnkey basis, or under an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction and supervision) arrangement.

Our services start with the initial design and continue after delivery, to ensure the long-term functionality, availability and warranty of our air separation systems and technologies.

We offer the following services:

  • Sales & design consultancy (2D and 3D engineering)
  • Modifications & retrofit
  • Mechnical & electrical installation
  • Erection & commissioning
  • Project management
  • Spare parts & service / maintenance back-up
  • Test center
Flexible, high-quality and reliable
Local and international environmental initiatives and legislation ask for flexible waste separation solutions. Our systems and technologies offer the high-quality, flexibility and reliability that is needed to e.g.:
  • Minimize the disposal in landfills
  • Upgrade the value of waste streams for reuse and recycling purposes.
Quality Control and Assurance by Nihot
Nihot works according ISO 9001:2000 and other internationally recognized quality standards, such as VCA. Our designs take the applicable European and national laws and regulations into account, e.g.:
  • Health&Safety regulations in accordance with law 1999/92/EG, better known as ATEX 137
  • Vapour and dust explosions, the European legislation 94/9/EG, better known as ATEX 95
  • And other (national and international) laws, regulations regarding Health&Safety and labour conditions.