NILU is an independent research institute founded in 1969. NILU`s environmental building on Kjeller, the outskirt of Lillestrøm and Oslo, became the permanent headquarter in 1994. The institute conducts environmental research with emphasis on the sources of airborne pollution, atmospheric transport, transformation and deposition and is also involved in the assessment of the effects of pollution on ecosystems, human health and materials. A main priority for NILU is to provide scientific facts on the quantitative relationships between these factors, and at the same time make the results available in user friendly manners for decision-makers. NILU has specialised in delivering systems for air quality surveillance and monitoring, as well as applicable management tools. Environmental impact assessment has been performed for industries, traffic authorities and urban areas world wide.

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Instituteveien 18 , Kjeller , NO-2027 Akershus Norway

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Research institute
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Air and Climate - Air Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)
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10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

NILU is an independent, nonprofit institution established in 1969.

Through its research NILU increases the understanding of processes and effects of climate change, of the composition of the atmosphere, of air quality and of hazardous substances.

Based on its research, NILU markets integrated services and products within the analytical, monitoring and consulting sectors. NILU is concerned with increasing public awareness about climate change and environmental pollution.

NILU’s 182 researchers, technicians and other experts are primarily commissioned by the Research Council of Norway and by Norwegian and international industry and government agencies. The institute takes an active part in the EU’s research programs.

NILU holds a strong position both on the national and international level within its core fields. NILU’s laboratories are among the most advanced in Europe. Also, the institute’s observatories in the Arctic, in Antarctica and in Norway provide important information on global changes of the atmosphere and on long range transport of environmental pollutants.

NILUs main office is located at Kjeller outside Oslo. The institute also has offices and staff at the FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment in Tromsoe and is represented at CIENS in Oslo. Internationally, NILU is established in Poland, The United Arab Emirates and in South Africa.

NILU topics

  • Atmospheric composition GHG and climate-forcing agents
  • Ozone-layer depletion and UV radiation
  • Long-range transport of air pollution
  • Urban and industrial pollution
  • Aerosol and particulate matter
  • Chemicals and their environmental effects
  • Health-effect studies
  • Ecology and economics

From Pole to Pole
NILU monitors climate change, global air quality and air pollution transport pathways via observatories in Norway (Birkenes and ALOMAR – Andøya), in the Arctic (Svalbard, Zeppelin) and in Antarctica (Troll). NILU’s observatories supply researchers all over the world with important data on a wide spectrum of pollutants, climate gases and climate forcing agents. Services

NILU offers a wide range of services and products to customers both on a national and international level, including air quality monitoring and chemical analysis services:

Air quality consulting services
NILU has 40 years of experience in studying and analysing air pollution issues. By com¬bining highly qualified scientific rese¬archers and in-house software develo¬pers, NILU has developed a complete range of air quality consulting services to meet any requirement.

Chemical analysis
NILU’s laboratories can perform ad¬vanced analysis on a broad range of organic and inorganic pollutants on all kinds of samples.

Health effects laboratory
The health effects laboratory investigates the direct health impacts of pollution, climate change and new materials on humans and animals. Its establishment completes the “circle” of monitoring, modelling, analysing, evaluation and effects conducted by NILU.

International activities
NILU has extensive ecperience in coordinating interantional research projects. Read more about this in NILU international