Nimbus Water Systems Inc

Nimbus Water Systems Inc. is a water treatment company that operates a full service company providing sales, rentals, installation and service. Nimbus has a team of certified technicians that provide service and installation throughout Ontario and a team of qualified subcontractors outside of Ontario for national account management. The head office of Nimbus Water Systems Inc. is located in Toronto, Ontario.

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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

For more than 25 years, Nimbus Water Systems Inc., a Canadian owned Company  has provided Water treatment systems for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications. Nimbus takes pride in providing quality water treatment systems and service to insightful residential and commercial clients throughout Ontario.

Nimbus Water Systems Inc. is a subsidiary of Nimbus Environmental Solutions Inc. We take the time to understand your concerns and customize the solutions to fully accommodate your requirements. Nimbus has a team of certified water technicians to install and maintain all equipment that we sell. Our dedicated sales team, customer service staff and technical department are ready to assist you with all your water system needs.

Nimbus Water Systems Inc. (Nimbus) is a part of Nimbus Group of Companies. Nimbus is a Canadian family owned and operated business that sells across Canada and internationally. For over 25 years, Nimbus has provided installation and service to residential, office, commercial and industrial sectors. Nimbus has provided point-of-use coolers (Bottleless®) since they were invented in the late 1980’s.  Nimbus has an excellent reputation for outstanding services and superior quality.  Nimbus currently has over 20,000 customers.

Nimbus Group is a well established, expanding organization comprised of six diversified business units operating in the water treatment and related industries. For further details, please visit us at

Nimbus product offering includes: home water treatment systems, Bottleless® water coolers for the office, water vending machines for supermarkets, departmental water treatment equipment for food service establishments, coffee and vending equipment, commercial and industrial water treatment equipment. Nimbus is not and has never been a bottled water delivery company. Nimbus is a water treatment equipment supplier, offering installation and full service.

The consumer shift away from bottled water has led the Nimbus Group to incorporate a company Go Bottleless® Inc. that provides Bottleless® branded water coolers as an alternate to conventional bottled water coolers.