The NIVUS group is one of the foremost developers, producers and suppliers of measurement equipment for water economy worldwide. The product range contains units for measuring flow, level, pressure, water quality, density and turbidity as well as units required for data acquisition, data transfer, data logging and data evaluation. A comprehensive process control system with many special functions for water economy completes the product range.

Company details

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

  • We are developer, producer and supplier of measurement equipment for water industry. For more than 45 years we are working in the field of flow measurement and today we are one of the technology leaders in this sector worldwide.
  • Our product portfolio includes accurate systems for flow measurement, flow velocity detection, level measurement, pressure measurement and the measurement of water quality.
  • We also provide software for acquisition and logging of data and for the analysis of measurement results. A comprehensive process control system completes our program.
  • Our head office is in Eppingen/Germany with 7 international subsidiaries and more than 40 distributors all over the world.


State of the Art Technology, Quality and best Consultance
The task we face is simply formulated: we want to provide you with the perfect measurement solution for your application.

One of the most important key aspects for ideal measurement solutions is a good quality of advice right from the start. Our team has many years or even decades of experience to provide you with the best possible advice.

The most important points are the measurement and your individual requirements. Our experts do not only listen exactly to what is important for you, but furthermore they ask the right questions to get a comprehensive overview on your requirements.

Apart from the specific installation situations, our advisors moreover consider a system’s lifetime total operating cost for assessment and can therefore offer the best possible measurement system. What looks at first sight to be the cheapest solution is very often not the most cost-efficient one. To maintain the quality of advice at its high current level, our employees are regularly trained and continuously educated attending in-house and external training programs.

Our ambition to provide you with the best measurement systems in terms of handling, reliability, variety and accuracy is pushing us to constantly improve our existing solutions.

On the one hand we moreover develop existing systems further and on the other hand we already prepare the next generation of devices. In addition, many of our developers research basic technologies for the device generations to come. The development team does not work independent, but incorporates your desires and demands in close cooperation with service department and customer service team.

The complete product range gives you the opportunity to choose the best measurement for your application. Our portfolio comprises flowmeters using cross-correlation technology, transit time (time of flight) method, Doppler method and also hydraulic methods. Our level measurement systems utilise ultrasonic, hydrostatic as well as various other methods.

Moreover our service team is at your side even after the purchase, making sure to sustainably operate your measurement without any problems. Whether it be commissioning, maintenance or repair after many years or even decades of use, we are ready to get your measuring operation to continue smoothly.

In the end our whole team strives to offer you the perfect measurement and the best service. From the first contact to on-time shipping, from initial advice to regular maintenance – we put the focus on you and your requirements.


Searching for the best possible measurement systems right from the start
When Udo Steppe established his company in 1967, no one could have imagined the face of the world a few decades later. Searching for the best possible solution has always been the key impetus of Udo Steppe and his team right from the start. By now we can look back to a couple of milestones we have set in the world of level measurement and flow measurement.

None of our successful past and our international growth, however, have changed our ambition to provide the best possible measurement systems. Quite the opposite, it is what we achieved in the past that spurs us most for the future. Even today we spare no effort to provide the best technology for the future. You can count on it.


With our own research and development division
New things never come out of nothing. Those who want to achieve progress need to step ahead. This is why our team of physicists, engineers and technicians is committed to integrating our customer’s requirements into their daily work. This is where the course for tomorrow’s measurement technology is set.

State-of-the-art test equipment
Our precision in the area of research and development is well known. State-of-the-art test systems specially built allow to perform extensive test series for new technologies. For example, a hydrophone test rig specially designed in close cooperation with the university of Ulm/Germany permits to visualise ultrasonic beams.

This allows even more efficient alignment of transmitter and receiver modules. Improved adjustment as well as options to align components transmitting ultrasound even more accurate provides high-quality measurement results which could not be achieved using previous methods.

A custom-built test channel with a length of 10 m and a flow capacity of 200 l/s is used to research flow conditions and hydro-dynamic relations. This is where we simulate hydraulic conditions just as they occur in reality on site. Gaining a better understanding of the processes within systems conducting water is paving the ground for developments providing crucial benefits in practice.

NIVUS regularly invest in the future of the in-house test labs. Not least, this is why we at NIVUS are a worldwide technology leader in the field of contactless ultrasonic measurement systems.

Approvals and concrete applications
Thanks to holding a large number of permits and approvals (e.g. Ex, IEC Ex, MCerts, UL / CSA) our measurement systems enable us to create highly customised solutions.

Apart from merely developing sensors, electronic components and software we are particularly interested in the specific conditions prevailing on site. The result is a constant flow of new ideas, improving the performance of existing products or allowing new technologies to make their breakthrough.

Facing future demands is a constant source for new tailored solutions in close cooperation with international universities and high schools.


Continuous improvement is our incentive.

  • We are convinced: a company can not be forced into quality management.
  • Top quality will only arise when the idea of quality is shared by everybody: the managers, the employees and the suppliers. That is what we live.
  • To scrutinize our products operating processes to get better constantly is a challenge that we enjoy facing.
  • In the continuous improvements we take up the perspective of our costumers and users to make the products we offer even better.
  • In this connection the direct dialogue with our customers helps us as well as the continual and interdisciplinary exchange in our own house and in the supply chain.
  • High-quality measurement – starting from the level measurement in difficult hydraulic conditions – is only one building block for the best measurement results.
  • Rather the competent advising causes in combination with custom-designed measurement an optimal measure.
  • The fact that we are living this quality perception since a long time, shows the ISO 9001 Certificate, the ATEX-Certificate as well as our long time customer relations worldwide.
  • Since then, the M-CERT Certificate and the IECEx-Scheme have been added.