NOAH GmbH Water Secure Systems

NOAH GmbH Water Secure Systems

NOAH water secure systems provides efficient means for beating flood water. Levee Security Disks / Reservoir System / Flood Protection Disks / Ground Water Protection Disks

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Wiesenstr. 1 , Stollberg (DE) , 09366 Germany
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Global climatechange is one of the major challenges of our age: sudden floods caused by heavy regional rainfall are more frequent and more intensive than everbefore. They are capable of transforming calm streams into raging torrents within a very short time. Floods, which experts formerly believed would only take place once a century, now occur at increasingly frequent intervals. Mild winters with little snow, but heavy rain that continues for hours, or more plentiful snow accompanied by extreme temperature fluctuations increase the likelihood of flooding. Scientists have confirmed that these changes, which cause immense material and immaterial damage, are now a permanent feature. But we can still take preventive action – thanks to NOAH Secure Systems.

Prevention instead of a desperate response
NOAH Water Secure Systems has developed a new generation of intelligent preventive protection systems unrivalled in this market sector so far. They are highly versatile and, since they only comprise a small number of elements, can be assembled quickly. These systems can tackle impending floodwaterto prevent disastersas an alternative toresponding to a desperate situation, aspeople did in the past. These cost-effective, reliable solutions satisfy the requirements of local authorities, companies and private residents in areas where flooding is likely. The products that make up these systems are produced exclusively from plastics with high rigidity and leakproofqualities; they are almost indestructible, food-safe and suitable for drinking water, and have all been tested scientifically and in practice to ensure the long-term safety of those who use them.