Nomadic Systems Inc.

NOMADIC is a global leader in the mobile sewage treatment industry. With successful installations everywhere from Siberia to Saudi Arabia, our mobile sewage treatment technology is capable of withstanding any environment in any location around the world. We seek to partner with companies looking for best in the industry mobile sewage treatment expertise. We specialize in combining either membrane filtration technology, or attached growth technology with our proprietary remote monitoring system the GUARDIAN, to provide a complete turn-key mobile sewage treatment solution for your remote work camp. There is a growing worldwide concern over fresh water sources and ocean water quality. The world’s population is predicted to double by 2027 and even more people will be without access to clean water.

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22867 Fraser Highway , Langley , BC V2Z 2T3 Canada

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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NOMADIC is proud to be actively involved in the stewardship of the mobile sewage treatment industry. NOMADIC™ is a 100% wholly owned Canadian company with its owners, managers and staff. Scientists from around the world are urging for an immediate adoption of clean waste processing technologies and the development of infrastructures to protect water resources in delicately balanced ecosystems.

At NOMADIC™, we are committed to providing the:

  • Highest treatment efficiency of organic matter and nutrient reduction
  • Lowest sludge production (less pump out frequency)
  • Lowest possible operation and maintenance skill set for the required treatment
  • Industry best cost to benefit ratio
  • Worker safe conditions for owners and maintenance providers

Our mobile sewage treatment systems are fully customizable to meet the following needs:

  • Special Transportation (helicopter)
  • Fresh Water Treatment Systems
  • Generator set for entire camp
  • Special military applications for extra-quick deployment and re-location