Nootrol is the business of removing risk from your supply chain. There are many kinds of risks that businesses experience. The economic risk from an energy efficiency perspective as we transition from a high carbon economy to a low carbon economy. Or you have the ethical and reputational risks from the use of inappropriate labour through to the environmental damage caused by suppliers throughout your entire supply chain.

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The Warehouse, 35 Barrow Street , Dublin , 4 Ireland
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Service provider
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Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)

We help you purge these risks from the full depth of your supply chain.

Our customers, as early adopters gain critical competitive advantage.  They identify opportunities to mitigate risk within their supply chains and do so in a collaborative manner which provides them and their supply chain partners with instant visibility of the environmental, social and economic impacts of their mutual supply chains.

Nootrol is a unique self-forming network, that enables you to connect, manage, rank, collaborate and monitor the sustainability of your supply chain in real-time. Changes that occur deep within your supply chain percolate throughout the self-forming network of suppliers to provide you with an instant, constant and infinite insight into the sustainability of your supply chain.