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  • Liquid Systems

  • Model ProCAT Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Model ProCAT Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    The ProCAT is Norchem's newest liquid Polymer system. ProCAT's new mixing circuit eliminates 90% of the conventional piping and valves associated with typical blending systems. The new ProCat has an inlet water operability range of 5-100 PSI. The proprietary mixing block manifold integrates polymer pre-conditioning, mixing and flow control into a single design. The compact dimension saves floor space with a new low profile design. An innovative...

  • Sharpshooter - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Sharpshooter - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Sharpshooter liquid polymer systems are the smallest capacity AnCAT Series and are frequently found in isolated, stand-alone applications. The Sharpshooter is handily portable and can be installed practically anywhere without special tools or complicated instructions. The Sharpshooter is available in a variety of capacities. You'll find that the Sharpshooter is accurate and reliable, delivering responsible results each and every time.

  • Model D-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Model D-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT D (Diaphragm) Series liquid polymer systems were the original 'AnCATs', which launched Norchem's highly successful liquid polymer equipment program. Today, AnCAT D-Series systems are a substantial contributor to the mid-sized D and G Series product line with all stainless steel bases, support construction and a full line of automation and control accessories as standard options. AnCAT D-Series systems are available in a number of custom...

  • Model G-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Model G-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT G (Gear) Series liquid polymer systems employ a 316 stainless steel rotary-gear-type metering pump to inject the neat liquid polymer into the four stage, hydraulic mixing circuit. G-Series AnCATs can process up to 600 GPD of Mannich/AMPAM or PAM solution polymer and up to 300 GPD of liquid polyacrylamide in the emulsion or dispersion form. Polymer solution flowrates to 8.0 GPM (480 GPD) at 0.2 to 2.0%, volume on volume, polymer solution...

  • Model PC-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Model PC-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT PC (Progressive Cavity) Series liquid polymer systems are designed for liquid polymers with unique properties and unusual rheologies. PC-Series AnCAT systems can process up to 288 GPD of an extremely viscous or difficult to handle emulsion or dispersion polymer products. Like their D and G-Series counterparts, PC-Series systems can deliver up to 480 GPH of a 0.2 to 2.0% , volume on volume, primary polymer solution or up to 960 GPH of a combined...

  • Model L-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    Model L-Series - Liquid Polymer Systems

    AnCAT L Series liquid polymer systems have the most recognizable 'L' shaped profile of any system on the market today. L Series AnCat systems can be found in the most important liquid polymer applications worldwide. The L Series systems range in polymer solution delivery capacity from 20 GPM to 300 GPM.

  • Enhanced Polymer Imaging Control Systems (EPIC)

    Enhanced Polymer Imaging Control Systems (EPIC)

    All AnCAT liquid polymer systems, except those requiring pulsed or diaphragm-type liquid polymer injection, are available as EPIC, Enhanced Polymer Imaging Control, systems. The EPIC, laser operated liquid polymer system, is Norchem's latest development in fully automatic polymer processing and control equipment. The EPIC System combines proven AnCAT polymer processing with advanced laser imaging technology to create the most accurate and reliable...

  • Dry Systems

    Dry Systems

    The Norchem Powdercat combines high-impact mixing with high-velocity hydraulic processing to deliver the very highest quality of aqueous dispersions. Whether you use granular, flake, bead, super-fine dry polymer powder, or optional liquid polymer, the Powdercat's multi-stage processing module provides maximum particle separation and wetting to produce the highest quality polymer solution in the shortest possible time. The Powdercat's true three...

  • ASA Emulsifiers

    ASA Emulsifiers

    NORCHEM advances the science of ASA internal sizing with its most recent innovations in ASA emulsification equipment. Designed for reliable, efficient operation, Norchem takes turbine emulsifier technology to the next level. The product of a rigorous 10-year developmental and field-testing program, Norchem ASA emulsifiers deliver consistently higher quality emulsions with all types of emulsifier chemistries.