Nordacque was founded in 1979 as a partner of a Vicenza home-based small company. Then the partnership were split into two parts in 1983, one of them becoming Nordacque with the same owner as it is today. At the beginning Nordacque marketed no other products than water softeners and water filters for pure water. But during two decade the company grows including more products as for example demineralizators (which remove melted salts in water), technological installation for reverse osmosis (R.O.), and specific UV sterilizers for both domestic and commercial use, according to an expanding market in this sector.

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Via Como 1 , Schio , Veneto 36015 Italy

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Today, Nordacque has a flourishing business in producing, marketing and service activities in all water treatment business. We offer ready-to-use products (see our catalogue) as well as specific installation meeting all customer needs in terms of water use: from high volumes of water in the domestic use, to industrial uses or very low conductivity rate as needed in farmaceutical laboratory.