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  • BactiDomus Technology

  • Soil Treatment  & Groundwater Treatment  Services

    Soil Treatment & Groundwater Treatment Services

    The BactiDomus Technology allows for more effective treatment of soils containing organic contaminants. The inherent strengths of the fixed film-like capabilities of the BactiDomus Technology and the variable granule size provides the flexibility to incorporate the technology in a broad range of soil treatment methodologies. The increased survivability of the organisms selected for use ensures the ability to deal with both fluctuating and high levels...

  • Municipal Sewage Management

    Municipal Sewage Management

    Every year the pressure grows on annual operating budgets and meeting all those needs gets more difficult every year. Probably the last place one wants to spend money is in managing organic sludge generated by your wastewater treatment system. Nordevco’s BactiDomus Technology provides the opportunity to significantly reduce and more efficiently manage the cost of dealing with sludge – whether it is accumulated sludge in the primary cell of...