Noren Products Inc. has been solving thermal problems for over forty years. In that time we`ve designed and manufactured countless products for our clients that not only do the job, but exceeded all expectations.Our heat pipe technology is second to none with more diversity and adaptability than any other in our industry. Noren Products heat exchangers are built with this same heat pipe technology, enabling the end user to remove waste heat from their electrical components within a sealed enclosure without allowing harmful contaminants to enter the panel.Our products are applicable to a wide range of industries including Waste Water Treatment, Telecommunications and Radar, Injection Molding, Oil and Natural Gas, Food and Beverage, and many more.One of the points that we are most proud of is our products are designed and manufactured in the United States by hard working men and women - for hard working men and women.

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205 S Edmond St , Taylor , TX 76574 USA

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Energy - Geothermal Energy
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Noren Products enjoys its reputation as a high-end provider of products for a multitude of industries, e.g., telecommunications, computers, waste water management, food processing, automation controls, power electronics, robotic controls, plastic molds, hydraulic elevators, recording studio, video editing and more. Our thermal solution oriented philosophy coupled with customer service and satisfaction have earned us the freedom to think outside the box.

For over 45 years Noren Products has been the industry leader in providing thermal solutions in a variety of industries and market sectors. The company is widely recognized for its ability to solve challenging design issues with its unique heat pipe technology, engineering team and fabrication expertise.

Currently Noren Products is woman owned with an approach to continual improvement teaming with our employees and clients to provide innovative product solutions in more industries.

Mission Statement

Noren Products is committed to engineering and manufacturing quality solutions for a variety of thermal challenges in an atmosphere of excellence.

Quality Policy Statement - Encompassing an attitude of continual improvement, Noren Products Incorporated is committed to teaming with our employees in an ethical business environment to provide innovative product solutions for our customers.


Founded in 1968 Noren Products, Inc. manufactures products based on heat pipe technology. The Company manufactures five different lines of products, all using the expertise and knowledge of its engineering and design staff. The Company is widely recognized for its ability to solve heat transfer challenges with cutting edge designs and technology.

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