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One of the environmental concerns faced by the ready mixed concrete industry is the process of water management. Drum wash out water has a high pH level and is considered toxic to the environment. Current practices for the disposal of concrete wash out water and slurry include dumping at designated facilities onsite or dumping into concrete wash out pits located at the plant. Most onsite disposal systems are no longer environmentally acceptable so washing out at the job sites has been greatly reduced. Sometimes the only option is to utilize the wash out pit back at the plant. Commuting from the job site to the washout facility with a dirty chute poses a whole new concern. Norse Chute Covers are the inexpensive solution! Covering the chute before heading back to the washout pit stops rocks and debris from falling out of the chute.

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130 Hyndman Cres , Edmonton , Alberta T5A0E8 Canada

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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Safety and Ease of Use

Our chute covers are designed from a safety-first mentality. Extensive testing ensures materials, design and craftmanship combine to create a truly unique product.

Made in Canada

Every chute cover we make is created right here in Canada and designed for Canadian weather conditions. Our chute covers are the only ones on the market rated for -40 degree cold.


Norse Products’ concrete chute covers are available in two models and several colours – so you can be sure to get the right size and a colour that compliments your company’s look.

Norse Products grew from a vast knowledge of the concrete industry and has remained a Canadian, family owned and operated company for over 8 years.

Our History

Our father who has been in the concrete world for over 20 years, noticed the need for a safe and effective chute cover. With an idea in mind and our grandmothers industrial sewing skills, the current incarnation of our chute cover was born!

The business was passed down to my sister and I, since 2006 the company has remained in the hands of our family . We have proudly expanded  into something that we could not have imagined. We continue our families work by engaging in innovative new methods of creating our ready-mix truck covers.