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Northvale Korting, based in the UK, operates globally and supports its customers through a direct sales force in the UK and by an extensive network of representatives and stockholding distributors throughout the world. This website offers you the opportunity to see an the extensive range of Process Control Valves, Check Valves, Ejectors, Eductors and Steam Desuperheaters available from the Northvale Korting portfolio. Requesting further specific details through the contact page on this web site ensures a response within 24 hours.

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2 Uxbridge Road , Leicester , LE4 7ST United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)


Northvale Korting's product portfolio includes control valves, unique non-return / check valves, bellows seal valves, angle valves, Venturi fluid jet eductors, steam ejectors and ancillary equipment.

The valves and other flow control products are specified by a wide range of industries around the world. Sectors served include brewing, defence, energy, food, heating, nuclear, oil & gas, paper, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and water and waste treatment.

It is no exaggeration to say that our ranges of valves set industry standards. This is particularly true of the Norval check valve or non-return valve where Northvale Korting has trademarked the phrase 'stop silent'. This unique check valve is used by a several sectors and has many applications where it scores highly against its competition which serves to underline one of the key benefits of the valve.

Whether it’s the water industry or a chemical industry application Northvale Korting's Norval non-return check valve will give excellent tight shut off were it is needed. Furthermore, it operates completely silently and will not cause water hammer and damage that can arise from constantly banging pipework.

Northvale Korting has also responded to customer demand and introduced a range of all stainless steel angle valves that offer a very competitive solution to companies requiring a high quality on/off valve with off-the-shelf delivery. These valves complement our already extensive range of Paragon and Minimatic Control Valves which offer a high quality, low cost solution to customer needs.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Northvale Korting website and find it informative. Should you require more information about our valves, Venturi fluid jet or other products, please don't hesitate to contact the team here.


Northvale Korting invested in the latest FEA (Finite Element Analysis) & CAD (Computer Aided Design) software packages to support its commitment to the delivery of optimum performance in the design of its Venturi Fluid Jet units & packages.

Sales in the Far East continue to surge, with Northvale Korting winning several prestigious contracts. These include a contract to supply Venturi Fluid Jet for a refinery and petrochemical complex in Vietnam, a large order for special control valves for an automotive plant in China and eductors for a chemical plant in China.


Northvale Korting expands its sales to the Far East and Australia and achieves further sales penetration into offshore applications.

2000 - 2008

Northvale Korting grew, expanding its product range and becoming an international supplier of flow control equipment. At home, major contracts were won in the defence industry to supply eductors for the six new Type 45 Destroyers and venturi equipment for the two new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. Abroad, contracts were gained for flow control equipment in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, China, Russia and Brazil.

1987: Northvale Korting Ltd.

Separated from BSS Group Plc. and re-formed as a wholly owned private company.

1985: BSS Group

Re-structuring saw integration of two divisions of BSS Group to create Northvale Korting division based in Leicester.

1981: BSS Group

Acquired by BSS Group and became separate division.

1969: Korting International Ltd.

Company moved to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire between the two world wars, then changed name to reflect nature of its business at the time.

1917: Korting Brothers (1917) Ltd.

Wholly-owned British company based in London.

1903: Gebrüder Körting Actiengesellschaft

Established in England as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gebruder Körting Actiengesellschaft based in London.