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Founded in 1995, Nova Biomatique (2011) Inc. develops, manufactures and commercializes indoor and greenhouse climate controllers for professional and amateur gardeners. Our controllers are sold under our trademark Plug N Grow Controllers. Based in Eastern Canada, Plug N Grow Controllers is one of the only climate control company that manufactures 100% of their products right here in North America. Since 1995 Plug N Grow Controllers main mission is to offer top of the line North American made climate controllers for every grower. We have been known for our reliable controllers that are backed up with our hassle-free warranty. We stand behind every product that leaves our facility. Our technical support staff is there to help our customers, simply call our toll-free number and a qualified agent will assist you in any matter.

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608-B 4th Avenue , La Pocatière , Québec G0R 1Z0 Canada

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 Thank you for choosing Plug N Grow™ Controllers and we look forward to helping you increase your yields. Plug N Grow Controllers are available through your local indoor garden


Proud makers of the innovative PLUG'n'GROW and Intelligent Growing Systems lines of climate adjustment equipments for environmentally controlled gardening, Nova Biomatique inc. was founded in 1995. From its inception, the company is aiming at monitoring and acting on climate parameters with an offering of efficient and innovative electronic and mechanical equipments.

From 1995 till 2001, Nova Biomatique inc. was mainly researching and developing concepts and products for the many agricultural fields of endeavour. The major project and focus of the company in those years was the development of a monitoring and alarm system for climate conditions in animal housing buildings like pig, poultry and milking cow barns. The resulting system was so innovative and supplying so much information to the breeder or grower that it was to be operated by specialists like animal scientists and other highly trained professionals. The company then recognised that the agricultural markets were not ready for such a high level of building operation knowledge. A tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise was acquired and, for the future and survival of the company would have to be applied to products aimed at a readily receptive market.

From 2001, Nova Biomatique inc. searched intensely various markets and found out that the indoor gardening market, a short form for 'environmentally controlled gardening' was eager for innovative, reliable, accurate, features packed, simple to operate products. So Nova Biomatique inc. embarked on a new quest with all the wealth of knowledge and design know-how acquired in the previous years.

Again, the first developments were aiming at developing high end features packed products with a high price tag for hobbyist growers. Considerable knowledge was acquired, but what is knowledge if it does not translate into affordable products to the target buyers. A deep marketing study helped correct the aim and finally the first products to be marketed to the indoor gardeners were delivered in November 2002.

Ever since, Nova Biomatique inc. has been and remains dedicated to environmentally controlled gardening offering electronic and mechanical products to indoor gardeners and hobby greenhouse growers. For some time, the company rolled out new products frequently and observed the great interest of hobby growers and competitors. Nova Biomatique inc. is proud to see that many climate controllers manufacturer followed the lead and now offer better integrated products.

Leading with affordable, features packed, accurate, reliable, easy to use products for the hobby grower with the PLUG'n'GROWTM and Intelligent Growing SystemsTM lines is exactly the position. where Nova Biomatique inc wants and works hard to be.

Our mission is to contribute to the competitive improvement of bio-industries endeavours and to improve the quality of life of the persons which work in these activities.

Our values

  1. I. We are of service to our fellow human beings
  2. II. We develop the human potential of our associates
  3. III. We highly regard the well being of the persons influenced by the Company
  4. IV. We respect and preserve Earth's ecosystem
  5. V. We deliver superior work
  6. VI. We receive a just salary according to our contribution
  7. VII. We chose simplicity
  8. VIII. We prefer thrift