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  • Evaporation Sensors

    NovaLynx offers a variety of mechanical and electronic systems for measuring the evaporation rate of water into the atmosphere.

  • Model 255-100 - Evaporation Gauge

    Model 255-100 - Evaporation Gauge

    The 255-100 Analog Output Evaporation Gauge is used to determine the evaporation rate by measuring the changing water level in an evaporation pan. The sensor consists of a float, pulley, and counterweight attached to a precision 1000-ohm potentiometer mounted through a gear assembly in a weatherproof housing.

  • 255 Series Evaporation Stations

    255 Series Evaporation Stations

    The 255-200 Series Evaporation Stations are complete systems used to measure the amount of water lost each day to evaporation. Daily observations of the water level in an evaporation pan are taken using a graduated hook gauge or a fixed point gauge.

  • 255-110 Evaporation Gauge Tester

    255-110 Evaporation Gauge Tester

    The 255-110-B Evaporation Gauge Tester works with the 255-100 Evaporation Gauge to provide a direct reading in inches or millimeters, corresponding to the output from the evaporation gauge. The tester is used to set-up the evaporation gauge during initial installation and can be used to provide a direct reading of daily evaporation loss.

  • NovaLynx - Model 255-200 Class A - Evaporation Pan

    NovaLynx - Model 255-200 Class A - Evaporation Pan

    The 255-200 Evaporation Pan is a standard National Weather Service Class A type for measurement of water evaporation. It is normally installed on a wooden platform set on the ground in a grassy location. The pan is filled with water and exposed to represent an open body of water. The pan is filled to within 2.5 inches of the top of the pan. The evaporation rate can be measured by manual readings or with an analog output evaporation...

  • 255-212 Floating/Submersible Min-Max Thermometer

    255-212 Floating/Submersible Min-Max Thermometer

    The 255-212 Min-Max Thermometer can be configured as either a floating or submersible thermometer for measuring the minimum and maximum temperatures of water, such as in an evaporation pan. It features a digital thermometer mounted on a non-magnetic base. The built-in solar radiation shield protects the thermometer against direct sunlight.

  • 255-620 Auto Refill System

    255-620 Auto Refill System

    The 255-620-A Automatic Refill System provides a simple method to automatically refill an evaporation pan at specified times. It consists of an electronic water timer and an automatic float valve. The water timer switches on at a user-specified time, allowing water from an external water source to flow into the pan. Works with low (gravity flow) or high (city) water pressure. The float valve will stop the water flow at approximately 8-1/2' to 9-1/2'...

  • 255-704 Evaporation Data Logger

    255-704 Evaporation Data Logger

    The 255-704-B Evaporation Logger is a voltage data logger that connects to the 255-100 Analog Output Evaporation Gauge to provide a recorded history of the evaporation pan level. Optional air and water temperature sensors can be connected to the logger to record temperature readings along with pan level. The data can be useful in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, water and waste management, and climatology.