Novatek International

Novatek International

Novatek International provides a new breed of all-encompassing, process-driven laboratory information management system (LIMS) and other software solutions that target the pharmaceutical, biotech and other healthcare industries. Our unique portfolio of out-of the-box, easy to use software solutions features specialized modules that help you manage all aspects of your quality environment with less effort and time. Novatek delivers solutions that go beyond LIMS for total enterprise wide automation.

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2537 Guenette Ville Saint-Laurent , Montreal , Quebec H4R 2E9 Canada
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)
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Our Mission

Novatek International’s mission is to produce regulatory compliant software solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and other health-care industries. Our goal is to improve patient safety by producing solutions that reduce the risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing and contribute to product quality.

Since 1996, Novatek International has been a global leader in providing innovative and comprehensive, process-driven software solutions. With 20 years of successful global installations Novatek has developed an extensive base of regulatory knowledge giving you the peace of mind knowing you are in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Your Data is more than just a number. It has the power to drive compliancy and improve your business.

Our Experience
  • 20 years of successful global installations
  • Worldwide reach with Global Regulatory Compliance
  • Producing Innovative Software solutions that address industry needs
  • Producing business ready solutions that produce rapid return on investments
Our Core Goals
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Reduce Risk
  • Improve Product Quality


Improve your quality and productivity with Advanced Quality Nova-LIMS©, an out-of-the-box software solution that is easily tailored to meet specific customer requirements for laboratory management.

Understanding Your Business

Novatek differentiates itself in this competitive industry by offering process-based laboratory managment software solutions that do not require extensive customization. Our software meets up to 95% of customer requirements while still allowing the remaining 5% to be tailored to fulfill specific requirements. Our deep industry expertise allows us to design modules that incorporate processes integral to your operations.

From raw materials to finished product, we understand what is required at every step of the manufacturing process and leverage that knowledge to improve your quality processes. Your project will be up and running with a minimum of effort and downtime.

Choosing Novatek helps you reduce the risk of spending years configuring a system that will ultimately not fulfill your requirements. Call us for more information on the many benefits of the Nova-LIMS software solutions.