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  • Packaging Products

    Novelis supplies a number of flexible and semi-rigid packaging products to customers in the catering, confectionery, dairy and tobacco sectors. To find out more about our specific offerings in these markets, please click on the applications below: Confectionery & Dairy. Food Trays. Tobacco Innerbundling.

  • Beverage Cans

    Beverage Cans

    Each year, more than 280 billion beverage cans are manufactured worldwide, and more than 85 percent of them are made from aluminum. Novelis aluminum can sheet provides the perfect input material for the efficient production of aluminum beverage cans. Aluminum is the world's most recyclable can-packaging material—used beverage cans are melted down and turned into a new can inexpensively and efficiently, with a 'can-to-can' cycle of about 60 days....

  • Aluminum Caps & Closures

    Aluminum Caps & Closures

    Closures may be one of the smallest elements of beverage packaging in terms of size, but they are incredibly important. A reliable closure protects the product and makes it resealable and reusable, increasing both product life and customer satisfaction. Novelis aluminum closures lead the way in reliability, form and finish. The aluminum sheet and coils we supply are used in the manufacture of products ranging from screw caps for whiskey and other...

  • Aluminum Container Foil

    Aluminum Container Foil

    Aluminum foil containers offer some of the most versatile packaging solutions available today. They combine the features needed to process, conserve and deliver to the consumer perfectly preserved and quickly accessed food products. Meeting the constantly evolving needs of the aluminum container market is our top priority. With fully integrated multi-plant production, Novelis offers container manufacturers a wide range of advanced foil specifications...

  • Bottles & Cartridges

    Bottles & Cartridges

    Aluminum is lightweight and easily recycled. It also offers superior barrier qualities and a bright finish, thus making it the ideal material for the production of bottles and cartridges.