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Novinda is an advanced air quality technology company, offering innovative proprietary products and essential services for owners and operators of coal-fired electric utility and industrial boilers. Primarily known for its highly effective and economical non-carbon mercury capture reagent, Amended Silicates™, Novinda also offers additional products and professional consulting services that address the array of stack testing, air quality, regulatory and compliance issues confronting plant operators.

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Novinda is an advanced air quality technology company providing essential products and services that optimize operations and ensure environmental compliance for the operators of coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers and cement kilns. The company is principally known for its non-carbon mercury capture reagent, Amended Silicates™, a mineral-based product that removes mercury from combustion gasses via chemical reaction rather than adsorption technologies. Amended Silicates provides economical, consistent and robust performance across a variety of power-plant configurations and operating conditions while preserving fly ash value. It has exceptional SO3 tolerance, is nonflammable and less corrosive to the balance of the plant, and functions across a broad range of operating temperatures.

In 2000, a group of scientists from ADA Technologies received funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a non-carbon product that could be used for mercury emission control from coal combustion while preserving fly ash use as a Portland cement replacement. Chemical process engineers from CH2M HILL joined the team, bringing a wealth of experience to the product manufacturing development effort and providing significant input to the production plan. In June 2009, the company received initial venture financing of several million dollars to support product development and initial full-scale field-testing of the product. Also in 2009, Amended Silicates, LLC was renamed Novinda Corporation. The new name was created from a combination of “novus,” the Latin root for innovation, and the word “industry” to reflect the company’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the coal combustion industry. In subsequent years, Novinda received additional venture funding to support the product launch of the industry’s first non-carbon reagent for mercury emission control in coal-fired plants. The company continues to receive both venture and strategic funding from $1B + investors to support the full commercialization and production capacity of its products.

With the growing recognition of AS-HgX as the optimum mercury removal compound for power plant operators in the US, Novinda is turning its attention and expertise to developing additional products capable of effectively addressing a range of other emission control issues. The product pipeline currently addresses additional mercury removal products, particulate removal compounds and a host of products for removing Selenium and other heavy, and toxic, metals.

Beyond the U.S.

Coal is the primary fuel source for industrial growth in Asia (especially India and China) and maintains a significant presence in Europe. While neither area currently maintains the same high emission standards for mercury and other HAPs as the U.S., historically they tend to follow the US’ lead when it comes to environmental protection. The likelihood is that both Europe and Asia will impose stricter standards on mercury and HAPs release in the not too distant future. With AS-HgX and the upcoming availability of its next-generation products, Novinda is and will be well positioned to provide its proven products and expertise to plant operators internationally.

In an industry with a much-maligned environmental record, Novinda prides itself on providing products and services that reduce the environmental impacts of coal burning power plants and boilers. For the present and near future, it is clear that coal will continue to be a primary fuel in the generation of electricity for our cities and towns, and for numerous industries throughout the country. Novinda’s products and services are, and will be, instrumental in reducing the potentially harmful impacts of coal use in energy production.

Novinda’s Products & Services:

  • Offer a significantly smaller carbon footprint than PAC, generating just 10% the CO2 in the course of production as carbon-based mercury capture agents
  • Are nonflammable and the mercury compounds that are generated are non-corrosive. Combined, these features limit potentially expensive damage to plant equipment and operations
  • Create an inert and insoluble solid reaction product, which will not leach mercury into area groundwater when stored
  • Result in useable gypsum, which can be sold for use in wall board products; and result in useable fly ash, which can be sold for concrete production instead of placed in landfills