Novo Energy provides state-of-the-art technology for recycling of municipal solid waste and for solid fuel based renewable energy projects throughout the world. Novo’s technology includes the patented Aireal® Combustion System (ACS) and the Aireal® Gasification System (AGS) which are under exclusive worldwide license. Both technologies employ a revolutionary approach to bed agitation for solid fuels that utilizes gas pulsing of the fuel bed in lieu of mechanical agitation or stringent fuel sizing requirements. Novo’s technology is lower in cost to install and maintain than conventional technologies, while improving plant efficiency, both operationally and environmentally. The AGS technology allows for larger fuel particle size with improved efficiency in the generation of syngas with biomass fuels.

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155 East Boardwalk, #448 , Fort Collins , Colorado 80525 USA

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Novo Energy ('Novo') is a Colorado-based renewable energy company that provides state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and project support services for the renewable energy and solid waste disposal industries.  Novo offers a proprietary technology platform and exclusive license arrangements that include:

  • Recycling systems for material recovery facilities (“MRF’s”)
  • Proprietary gasification technology for conversion of biomass feedstocks (including construction and demolition waste) to syngas for combustion and energy production
  • The Aireal® Combustion System (“ACS”) which is a patented and proprietary combustion technology that uses a gas pulse system for fuel bed agitation with no moving parts in the combustion zone
  • A proprietary air pollution control (“APC”) system that employs an all dry scrubbing technology for emissions control in WTE facilities that consistently meets the most stringent emission standards in the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada

The Novo technology portfolio has a tremendous track record.  The ACS technology has been selected for nearly 80 percent of the waste-to-energy (“WTE) installations in the United States over the past 15 years!  There are also more than 40 WTE installations of the Novo APC system in waste combustion facilities throughout the world. As a result of the successful commercial track record of its technology, as well as the company’s strong management team, Novo was selected by US Renewables Group in 2008 to form Novo Development Company, LLC (“NDC”).  NDC develops solid fuel based renewable energy projects that employ the Novo technology with equity financing through USRG.

The AGS technology allows for larger fuel particle size with improved efficiency in the generation of syngas with biomass fuels.  The balance of Novo’s technology package consists of Material Recovery Facilities for automated recycling of municipal solid waste and an exclusive license with Solios Industries for a proprietary European air pollution control technology which allows Novo to provide a total technology package to its clients who include project developers, constructors, institutions and governmental entities.

Material Recovery Facilities efficiently process municipal solid waste to recover recyclable commodities and minimize the amount of waste that must be treated or landfilled.  The process removes fines which can be used as cover for landfill or as filler in certain product applications.  Recovered material for recycling includes ferrous, aluminum and cardboard, with the ability to remove other materials including plastics, paper and glass depending upon client requirements and commodities market pricing.

Waste-to-Energy projects convert municipal solid waste to energy in the form of steam or electricity. While the technology employed by Novo does not require any pre-processing, front-end recycling is employed where possible to maximize recycling prior to energy recovery. There are ten commercial ACS units operating in five separate WTE facilities in the U.S. and more than 40 Solios based air pollution control systems installed throughout Europe and North America.  Every project has easily complied with the most stringent modern European and U.S. emission standards.  An additional Novo technology package is presently being installed at the Pope Douglas Solid Waste Facility in Alexandria, MN.

Biomass projects convert waste wood, animal wastes, agricultural residue and other biomass material to energy in the form of syngas, steam or electricity. The Aireal® Combustion System was originally developed in a program with the U.S. Department of Energy using biomass fuel in a pilot project located in northern Colorado during the mid 90’s. The Aireal® Gasification System was later added to Novos technology portfolio for biomass applications based upon the experience with the numerous commercial installations of ACS pulse system.