NRC International Holdings

NRC International Holdings

NRC International Holdings

NRC has been a trusted provider of comprehensive, cost-effective and safety driven solutions to the oil and gas, transportation, chemical, industrial, power and government sectors since 1992. Already the largest provider of commercial environmental and industrial services, NRC is the only truly global single source provider of spill and high hazard response solutions. Our experienced response teams are in the forefront of managing catastrophic events and absolutely committed to providing cost effective solutions that meet our customer’s environmental needs and regulatory obligations, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

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3500 Sunrise Highway Suite 200, Building 200 , Great River , NY 11739 USA
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)

SRS maintain a fleet of sophisticated equipment specific to industry needs. SRS has invested countless hours to manufacture, modify and maintain its equipment that distinguishes the company from the rest of the industry. This inventory includes product specific transfer hoses, transfer pumps and compressors, transfer trailers capable of on-site specialty tool fabrication, mobile command unit, quick attack fire trailers, quick out fire kits and joint venture emergency breathing air trailer. SRS has designed, developed and manufactured a proprietary hot tap machine specific for drilling tank cars where conventional means of removing the product have been compromised. A full complement of reactive/explosive material handling equipment has been designed and manufactured by SRS’ personnel.

For incidents that require large-scale responses or necessitate an immediate response outside of SRS’ reasonable response range, the SRS Nationwide Subcontractor Network can be activated to meet any response need. SRS has developed a proprietary system to identify local hazardous material resources anywhere in the United States. Personnel, materials, equipment, capabilities and services can be immediately accessed from any location.
Through the association of specialized organizations, institutions, and advocacy groups, SRS personnel maintain current knowledge and skills and continue the lines of communication with other specialists in the industry. Several members of SRS are involved with the International Association of Bomb Techs and Investigators. This provides extraordinary capabilities in managing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) events and drills and provides access to a wide network of bomb tech throughout the U.S. SRS is a member of the Chlorine Institute’s CHLOREP Responders. This audited verification is used to identify contractors with the knowledge and capabilities to respond to Chlorine and Vinyl Chloride incidents for the Chlorine Industry.