Protecting our environment is of equal importance as to protecting ourselves, and at NRG, we understand the impact of harmful chemicals currently being used in today’s market and the dangers it causes to us, and the environment we live in. Please join with us and do your part in contributing towards the environment by using eco safe cleaning solutions. Most government officials, companies and the people we meet and hear from, talk about green cleaning, helping the environment, doing their part and willing to participate in this project, but how many of them or us, actually do so. Our natural cleaning product lines are environmentally friendly cleaners that are manufactured, Tested & Certified in Canada.

Company details

3239 Alpaca Avenue , Mississauga , Ontario L5M7V3 Canada

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Inspired by Al Gore’s initiative against global warming, a team of like minded enterprising individuals with over 30 years of combined business experience, joined hands with a vision  to launch a business venture that would promote environmentally friendly cleaning products to preserve and protect our future.

Following in the same footsteps, after years of research and learning experiences, the team identified our health and environment as our primary focus which fits within the philosophical framework of the proposed venture.  Having the latest in nano-technology, innovation, scientific expertise and a vision, we are proud to provide others with natural cleaning products to not only protect ourselves, but most important, our climate. 

NRG Save Inc., headquartered in Toronto, is a Canadian federal Corporation formed in 2006. We are a wholesaler consistently seeking new distributors for all our product lines.

NRG enjoys strategic alliances with the state of the art manufacturing facility in Toronto and Miami, combined with consultants and scientific experts offers the best solutions to the market.  We have engaged both on and off site QOS professionals to ensure raw natural ingredients of high quality are used and manufactured for NRG Save and conforms to government standards.  Our market research team is the back bone of our company who strive to source the best and the latest in technology and safety for all.

NRG SAVE - Philosophy

‘Changing the Environment - It's The Future’ caption is self explanatory. 
We recognize protecting our environment is an important global issue.  Our primary focus is to promote earth friendly products that would make a difference now and in the future.   We continue our efforts to research innovative technological solution by offering non toxic cleaners.

Mission Statement

At NRG Save:

Quality, Ecology and product Performance, are the benchmark on which the company has been formed. 
Conducting business ethically, with integrity and transparency, is one of the hallmarks of our culture.
Our vision is simply to create an impact in each and everyone, in doing their part towards helping our environment in becoming a safer place to our future children for generations to come.
'Together we CAN make a difference'