Growing Algae has the property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis. There are several species of algae. Out of this diatom algae are the most prolific growth and food creators that are responsible for the productivity of the oceans. All along it has been quite difficult to grow diatom algae in water in large quantities. ` NUALGI ` is a research product that can grow diatom algae on almost any water substrate be it the Sea, high saline water, fresh water, sewage water, effluent water etc. ` NUALGI ` contains trace, special and appropriate nutrients that can deliver in a biologically available form. Upon application to the water body in the presence of macro nutrients like N, P, K and sunlight, phytoplankton predominately in the form of DIATOMS, bloom and is soon converted to live food like zooplankton which is attractive to fishes and prawns. The live food boosts fishing and marine resources.

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