Nubian Water Systems Pty Ltd.

Nubian Water Systems is a Cleantech business formed to help tackle the issue of dwindling water resources by providing a range of affordable and sustainable greywater treatment systems, water recycling systems and drinking water purification systems for both commercial and residential use.

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Unit 3, Gateway Business Park, 63-79 Parramatta Road , Silverwater , New South Wales 2128 Australia

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

Nubian provides sustainable water solutions for the urban environment. We have the world’s largest range of systems designed to allow people to use our planet’s most precious resource sustainably.

We can even help to make buildings, and entire communities, become water self-sufficient.

Nubian was formed to research, develop and bring to the market products that address one of the most significant global challenges in the 21st Century – the maintenance of adequate supplies of clean drinking water.

Nubian’s solutions encompass Greywater Recycling, Water Purification, Stormwater Harvesting & Treatment, Water Disinfection & Risk Management Systems, Water Quality Monitoring & Diagnostic Systems. Our customers include individual home owners, commercial building operators, hotels, industrial sites, government departments and the military.

We work with Architects, Builders, Councils, Developers, Engineers and Landscapers to design and implement sustainable water solutions for commercial and residential environments.

Our products are best in class and meet the most demanding international standards. We combine technology and knowhow to solve complex water problems and provide comprehensive financing, maintenance and service contracts to help our customers implement the best water solutions available.

  • Water sustainability is now on the senior management radar of an increasing number of organisations.
  • Whether it's part of your Corporate Social Responsibility effort and reducing your 'water footprint', being driven by increasing regulatory demands or the search for a more direct return on investment, Nubian can help you.
  • You can reduce the amount of potable water you use through greywater recycling, clean up industrial-use water before it enters the public system and remotely monitor & control water quality.

  • Australia has the most stringent water quality standards in the world and countries across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America are implementing similar regulatory regimes.
  • Communities around the world are beginning to demand more sustainable use of water and governments are responding. Nubian's systems are authorised by every mainland state in Australia and meet the standards of all developing regulatory environments.
  • We're at the forefront of ensuring the availability of high quality water for a range of applications.