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Nucor Grating

Nucor Grating has developed an international reputation for quality bar grating products since the company was established in 1954. Special equipment and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that maximum strength and durability are built into every steel and aluminum grating bearing the Tru-weld and Fisholow names. Tru-weld steel gratings are forge welded, a system in which Nucor Grating was a pioneer. In this process, the bearing and cross bars are permanently forged together by heat and pressure into a single unit construction which results in greater strength per pound than mechanical assembly methods. Fisholow Galok aluminum gratings employ a unique interlocking system that joins the bearing and cross bars together in panels of exceptional rigidity and strength.

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750 Appleby Line , Burlington , Ontario L7R 3Y8 Canada

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Nucor Grating has developed an international reputation for quality products since the company was established in Canada in 1954. A pioneer in the forge welded steel grating system; today the Nucor Grating name also incorporates the Tru-weld® brand. Special equipment and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that maximum strength and durability are built into every steel and aluminum grating bearing the Tru-weld® and Fisholow® names.

Nucor Grating is a proud member of the Harris, Nucor, DJJ family. These companies are often cited as leaders in Safety, Environment, Recycling and Workforce Relations. The relationship that exists within this organization allows for a diversity of product offering through our strong internal partnerships.

Nucor Grating is a significant supplier of grating products in both North America as well as internationally. Our grating products are routinely used in the architectural world; the industrial world including: mining, petroleum, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water treatment, chemical, and power generation; the transportation industry including: rail road, airport and transport truck; commercial industry including: security, retail and public pools and also in the military world.

Nucor Grating manufacturers a wide variety of shapes and sizes with various finishes which makes our grating products suitable for all kinds of applications. Stock products can be supplied quickly from strategically located sales and warehouse facilities, or custom jobs can be manufactured to very particular requirements by our personnel in either Imperial or Metric measurements.

Tru-weld® products are utilized in such areas as the Potash Industry of Saskatchewan, The Oil Sands of Alberta, the Power Industry of Ontario and Quebec and the US Navy. Our products may be found in places as far abroad as the Orient and South America and in environments as diverse as the arctic and the tropics.

Nucor Grating is an active member of NAAMM (National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers). Our senior officers have served on many technical committees and as past division presidents.

Nucor Grating prides itself in maintaining a safe, high quality manufacturing and fabrication environment. Our attention to customer’s details comes from our ability to control our raw and process materials and this gives us unparalleled industry flexibility. Our commitment to the creation of a greener environment allows us to boast that our products can count towards credits under the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) green building program in the United States.

Nucor Grating is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The company is a leading producer of grating and related materials in North America and the largest producer in Canada. We are a company that does not believe in bureaucracy and are very lean in our leadership structure. We believe in providing a stable, safe, healthful work environment that enables our team to achieve or exceed our customers’ expectations.

If the job needs to get done and to get done right, we are the company to do it.

Our Vision

We believe that every one of our Teammates can help achieve our vision of being the Safest, Most Profitable, Most Customer Focused, Highest Quality, Grating Company in North America.

Our Core Values

In order to accomplish our Vision, each member of our team must be dedicated to the 5 core values of our Company. These are:

  • We work Safe
  • We are Customer Focused
  • We treat people with Respect
  • We do the Right Thing
  • We are Honest and act with Integrity

1849 – Beginning of Nucor Grating

  • John Fisher manufactures and sells pots, pans and kettles known as “Tinmens Furniture” in Birmingham, England

  • Joined by Henry Walter Ludlow

  • Grew to become one of the largest press shops in the Commonwealth

    • Supplied automobile bodies to the British Motor Corporation

    • Built electric appliances, vending machines & mechanical handling equipment

1954 – Established in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • Manufactured the first welded grating in Canada using the FlowForge® trade name

1959 – Acquired by British Motor Company

1966 - Moved to Burlington, Ontario

  •  Greenfield facility of 67,000 square feet

1977 – Joined the Harris Steel family

  • Developed the Fisholow-Galok® process for aluminum grating

1985 – began manufacturing Safety Grating

  • Trade name, Deck Span®

2006 - Acquired the Tru-Weld company

2007 - Joined the Nucor Family

2009 – Acquired the Grating Division of Leavitt Tube

Today – Nucor Grating has 12 locations in North America with a

manufacturing capacity of over 100,000 tons, able to satisfy customer needs the world over.