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  • Research into the atmospheric dispersion of industrial emissions (impact studies, hazard studies)

    Research into the atmospheric dispersion of industrial emissions (impact studies, hazard studies)

    NUMTECH employs the very latest Gaussian dispersion models, such as ADMS or AERMOD/ISC, to produce studies for a wide range of industrial sites, while factoring in particularly complex effects such as hilly terrain, mixed land use patterns, obstacles, local weather conditions, etc. For sites with a particularly complex configuration, our engineers bring even more sensitive 3-D tools into play, selected according to the scales involved: CFD FLUENT...

  • Dispersion of Odours

    Dispersion of Odours

    NUMTECH uses specific software applications to model the dispersion of odours as part of its impact studies on composting activities, water treatment, animal waste disposal and petrochemicals. Based on flow quantification data and a representative meteorological time chart (generally covering several years), the models are used to map odour concentrations (UO/m3) throughout the facilities' surrounding environment, factoring in complex effects such as...

  • Impact Studies on Road Infrastructures

    Impact Studies on Road Infrastructures

    Using the latest cutting-edge modelling tools, NUMTECH coordinates end-to-end production of the « Air and Health » strands of road infrastructure impact studies in collaboration with the Centre d’Etudes de l’Impact de l’Environnement sur la Santé (C.E.I.E.S.) and specialist partners in the field of metrology. According to the recommendations of the interministerial circular dated February 2005, our partners take...

  • Urban Air Quality Modelling

    Urban Air Quality Modelling

    Through our experience of pollution and urban weather studies, combined with our partners' development of specific benchmark numerical models such as ADMS-Urban and SIRANE, we have conducted several urban air quality studies in France (Strasbourg, Nice, Toulon, Aix-en-Provence, and Clermont-Ferrand) and, on a international scale, in Dubai…

  • Weather Modelling

    Weather Modelling

    The team's meteorologists work on missions for a broad customer base that includes industrials, research bodies and specialist design offices. These services are mainly based on the use of accurate 3-D models that reconstruct the meteorological fields making up the atmosphere, i.e. wind profiles, temperature inversions, stability, wind shear at altitude, etc.

  • Operational Systems

  • Informing the Public on Air Quality

    Informing the Public on Air Quality

    City dwellers and urban planners are pressing for more and more information on air quality. NUMTECH has developed an operational system that analyses previous days' events, real-time situations and provides 3-day forecasts on changes in air quality. These monitoring systems use several different atmospheric dispersion models (Lagrangian, Eulerian, Gaussian) to produce extremely fine-scale spatio-temporal forecasts. The information can be made...

  • Software Solutions

  • ADMS 5

    ADMS 5

    The ADMS system has been in use for over 15 years now and incorporates the latest technological and scientific advances in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling. Packed with new features, ADMS 5 is the benchmark tool for assessing industrial risks and impacts.

  • Version ADMS Roads - ADMS Roads

    Version ADMS Roads - ADMS Roads

    ADMS-Roads is an easy-to-use software solution that has been custom-designed to study the impact of road traffic on air quality. It is the benchmark tool for producing the «Air and Health» strands of road network impact studies.

  • ADMS Urban

    ADMS Urban

    ADMS-Urban is an air quality modelling platform incorporating several models designed specifically to calculate urban air pollutant concentrations. Designed to work at a range of scales, from street-scale to city-wide scale, ADMS-Urban is the benchmark system for quantifying population exposure to urban pollution sources, i.e. road traffic and transport, industry, domestic/commercial, etc.

  • ADMS Airport

    ADMS Airport

    Designed for airport managers and air quality monitoring organizations, ADMS-Airport is the benchmark system for modelling air quality at airports.



    The FLOWSTAR model produces 3-D wind field and turbulence predictions using global met. data, and factoring in the effects of hilly terrain and land occupation.