NV Afvalzorg Holding

Afvalzorg is the most specialised company in the Netherlands in the field of design, operation, management, follow-up and final landscaping of landfill sites. There is a great deal of demand for this knowledge outside the Netherlands, and we are pleased to support government bodies and commercial companies abroad in their approach to landfill issues in their own countries.

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PO Box 2 , ASSENDELFT , 1566 ZG Netherlands

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Landfill
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Internationally (various countries)

Afvalzorg offers the following services:

We are constantly in search of new and innovative waste disposal technologies and new landfill techniques, both nationally and internationally. Afvalzorg is dedicated to materialise the conceptual framework of sustainable landfilling with the aim that future landfills do no longer pose a threat, but offer opportunities.

We believe that the disposal of wastes, while not in itself desirable, is nonetheless necessary. If it is carried out carefully and with the appropriate expertise, the burden on the environment caused by leachate, landfill gas, odour and dust can be reduced to a minimum.

Our organisation's knowledge and experience can be a source of added value to many authorities, municipalities and commercial companies outside the Netherlands. For that reason, the dissemination of specific knowledge regarding landfill in countries abroad constitutes one of the main thrusts of oursustainability policy

We employ our knowledge in the Netherlands as well as abroad. In addition, we are a member of CSR Netherlands (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility), the national standard for socially responsible contracting.