The Netherlands Waste Management Partnership, abbreviated as NWMP, was established in November 2008. The NWMP is a so-called public-private partnership, and comprises the entire chain of companies that work in the waste management sector. The NWMP aims to promote cooperation among companies in the waste management sector and between these companies and the Dutch government. By pooling knowledge, skills and efforts, the Dutch Waste Management Sector has much to offer to its clients on foreign markets. Besides the facilitation of export opportunities, the awareness for sustainable solutions and a cleaner environment is an other main objective of the partnership.

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Boerhaavelaan 40, P.O. Box 190 , Zoetermeer , 2700 AD Netherlands
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Business Type:
Professional association
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Waste Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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The Netherlands is an acknowledged world leader in waste management. Its own waste chain is particularly well organized. The Netherlands has much to offer to international partners, from expertise in legislation to technology which recovers valuable resources for re use. The Netherlands Waste Management Partnership promotes the export of Dutch knowledge through close cooperation between all actors in the waste management chain.

NWMP - Teamwork in the Waste Chain

The Netherlands Waste Management Partnership, or NWMP, was founded as a non profit organization in November 2008. It is a public private partnership in which all links in the waste management chain are represented. Click here to read or download our brochure (pdf, 6 pages, english)

The objective of NWMP is to promote cooperation between companies, and between the private and public sector, with a view to jointly profiling Dutch waste management and related expertise on the international market. Alongside the export opportunities, we believe that our cooperation will result in environmental benefits and will promote sustainability.

The strengths of NWMP:

  • Close cooperation between public and private sectors
  • Single point of contact for all international partners
  • All links in the waste chain are represented
  • Integrated solutions: legislation, enforcement and practical aspects
  • Focus on high potential markets
  • Extensive market information and export channels
  • Joint export delegations and trade fair visits
  • Local knowledge and networks.

Dutch policy in waste management always has focussed on avoiding to produce waste, as it represents a cost when having to have it collected and disposed of; and to recover valuable raw materials from any waste, as it represents a substantial income. After having implemented these, also much so business driven, principles any residual waste is dealt with by using its caloric value to generate electricity and produce heat. Hereby the Netherlands has been successful in reducing controlled land filling to close to zero. Apart from the fact that this is the most sustainable thing to do, the Dutch are obviously encouraged as land in the Netherlands is scarce and therefore represents, again a value!

Waste, a valuable commodity.

Making valuable resources out of waste, which in itself is coherent to economic growth, is at the core of the Dutch waste management industry. By perceiving waste as a commodity rather than an issue of concern, it will be market driven factors that make environmentally sound waste management more th

an feasible. Of course the rules of such business require a well established institutional framework, consisting of Legislation, adequate Control and effective Enforcement.
More efficient processes and improved, advanced cleaner production are making sustainable development work in practice and it creates a strong incentive for developing Dutch innovative strength. Taking advantage of green-field expansion of industry we focus on clustering industry in such a way that the output from one process forms the input of the adjacent facility. Herewith prevention of waste is optimized, without a need to transport and as such creating cost reduction opportunities for industrial investors in the Netherlands.
Global business opportunities is what we pursue, by making more available detailed and valuable information gained from decades of Dutch Experiences in dealing efficiently with waste. The successful merge of both waste policy and professional waste management, reflected by the constructive co-operation between National, Regional- and Municipal governments and the Dutch Waste Management Industry, incorporating calls from NGO’s addressing environmental concerns, is what we are proud of in the Netherlands to display to the rest of the world. By involving, in addition, Dutch institutes of knowledge, governmental agencies and other stakeholder-organisations the Netherlands has established an effective partnership in Waste Management from which we are keen to making even more global business, developing business with you resulting in Clean Air, Vital Soil and Pure Water, and therewith creating a sustainable future for us all!