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  • Large Ozone Generator (up to 2000g/hr)

    Large Ozone Generator (up to 2000g/hr)

    We have manufactory ozone generator up to 2000 gram/hr,with complete system and oxygen source,please request if you need any ozone generator from 100 to 2000 gram/hr ozone output.

  • Ozonated Water System

    Ozonated Water System

    Ozonated Water System (OWS) is a integrate ozone generator, mixing device and contact tank, all in one system, it is convenient and installation friendly system to give you minimum installation work, it is content normal water inlet and ozonated water outlet. The system instantly turns normal water into ozonated water for your application, like swimming pool, vegetable washer and so on.

  • Oxygen Generator

    Oxygen Generator

    All O3 technologies ozone generators have the highest energy efficiency(lowet watts used per gram of ozone produced) on the market.They also feature highly efficient mass transfer system that achieves the highest concentrations of dissolved ozone.