Ocean Navitas Ltd

Ocean Navitas Ltd

Ocean Navitas Ltd (navitas is Latin for ‘energy’) was incorporated in May 2006 by experienced engineers, businessmen and sailing enthusiasts David Hunt and James McCague. After 18 months of research into the field of renewable energy, instigated by James, it was concluded that energy extraction from waves and swells is the most efficient way of extracting free energy from our planet, and that existing methods of drawing on this source of power were flawed due to their inherent inefficiency. It was also established that if, in the current political climate, a device were to be created from a commercial viewpoint that overcame existing design flaws, and be of a physical scale that did not require massive investment that this would bring significant commercial opportunities.

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Parkfield Road Industrial Estate, Parkfield Road , Rugby , Warwickshire CV21 1QJ United Kingdom

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • To this end, design commenced on the Aegir Dynamo™ and has now been completed, patented, computer modelled and scale prototyped.
  • Further to this a full scale power take-off system has been built and successfully tested on our own linear wave simulator with outstanding results.
  • Testing and commercialisation sites have been identified at EMEC (Orkneys), WaveHub (Cornwall) and Galway Bay (Ireland).
  • Ocean Navitas is currently seeking investment for the construction and sea trial of a full scale prototype.

Advancing the production of clean sustainable wave energy from the planets natural resources through innovation and technology.

  • Our vision is a world where there is an alternative to fossil and nuclear fuels which will see sustainable clean renewable energy helping to create a better environment for present and future generations.
  • Power generation from ocean waves will play a vital role in this future, and the Aegir Dynamo™ wave energy converter will be key to its successful implementation.