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  • Raman

    Raman spectroscopy is a powerful technique that provides information about vibrational and rotational transitions in molecules that can be used for detailed chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases. This fast and non-destructive measurement technique can be applied to a wide range of applications including fundamental research, routine process control and 

  • Ocean Optics - Model SERS - Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

    Ocean Optics - Model SERS - Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

    Easy to use and provide great value for high-sensitivity Raman measurements. Manufactured using an innovative new technique, our gold SERS substrates let you make fast, repeatable SERS measurements for the identification and quantification of SERS-active analytes.Typical applications include trace level detection of explosives and narcotics and precision screening of food ingredients for controlled additives such as melamine and pesticides. SERS...