Oceans-ESU Ltd

Oceans-ESU Ltd

Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy and has over 25 years of experience providing specialist sustainable and integrated environmental solutions for a range of organisations around the world, from small firms and businesses to global blue chip clients. The environmental solutions we offer are custom designed and engineered to meet the needs of the client. Our aim is to help our clients protect both the environment and their investments whilst complying with legislative requirements. Services include waste water treatment, using reed bed technology, land remediation, air, dust and noise monitoring and ecology.

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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)

Oceans-ESU Ltd was formed in January 2001 and provides specialist environmental management solutions for industrial, agricultural, retail and municipal clients.  Our aim is to help our clients protect both the environment and their investments whilst complying with legislative requirements.   We work with a range of organisations around the world, from small farms and businesses to blue chip clients.

ESU Services Ltd was incorporated in 1992.  Both of the directors had experience in the characterisation and decontamination of previously despoiled land and the company was set up to exploit this market, providing thoroughly researched technical solutions to remediate land and turn any environmental liabilities into property assets.

Oceans ESU Ltd offer a variety of services related to the management of wastewater and contaminated water from industry, agriculture, municipal and domestic sources.

Following research into new techniques for remediation of groundwater at ex-manufacturing gas plants, a joint venture was set up between ESU Services and the technology transfer company Oceans International Services.  This joint venture, Oceans Environmental Engineering Ltd, designed, built and maintained soil-based reed beds, primarily for industrial effluents, but also for the water companies and domestic clients.  The company managed two of the largest reed beds in the UK, at Billingham for ICI, and Llanwern for the then British Steel.

Oceans are world leaders in the construction and operation of bioremediation systems for the treatment of produced water - a waste product of the oil production industry

In Feb 2003, Oceans was commissioned by Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (GNPOC) to improve and manage a pre-existing reed bed system capable of treating 100,000 barrels per day. In 2005 and 2006, after improving the performance of the original system to a standard higher than all targets set, GNPOC commissioned a further 9 bioremediation systems with the ambition of treating all produced waters from all processing facilities within the region. Due to the efficiency of the bioremediation systems, Oceans is able to treat produced water to a level well within international limits.

Oceans ESU are also world leaders in innovative waste water treatment technologies. We can design and install reed beds of any size - from a single domestic sewage treatment to a 2000 acre treatment and forestry system in Africa, cleaning in excess of 50,000 tonnes of oil contaminated water every day.

Oceans ESU developed the RIB or 'Reeds in a Box' - a specifically engineered container holding a miniature, yet fully developed, reed bed unit for small applications where space is a limiting factor.

Today, the company also continues to offer services to Blue Chip clients, both in the UK and overseas.  These include contaminated land investigation, risk assessments and remediation; workplace assessments for handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances; landfill assessments and gas monitoring; remediation of waste streams, effluents and ground-waters; and waste management assessment and auditing services.

Other services include land remediation, air monitoring, noise monitoring, and ecology.