Odor Control Co., Inc.

Odor Control Co., Inc.

For over 30 years we have been a family owned and managed business. Our products are based on the growing needs of our customers and the world around us. Because of the increasing complexity and multitude of chemicals used by industries and businesses worldwide, we find that odor control is constantly evolving. We treat odor control as a science. We use technical processes to determine which essential oil is the most effective for specific odors. Our large-scale database of information tracks the effectiveness of each essential oil on each business` odor. In response to the diversity of odors plaguing countless industries, we will lab test your odor sample to determine the essential oil for your specific needs- at no cost to you.

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PO Box 14363 , Scottsdale , AZ 85267 USA
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Air and Climate
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Internationally (various countries)

By listening to you, our customers, and discovering your needs, we were the first in the industry to develop:

  • odor controlling granules, powders
  • WindScent Sleeves and blankets
  • extensive free test program and introductory free sample kit
  • amalgamated essential oils
  • one of two companies that first formulated a product which eliminates asphalt odors (tested by Auburn University and recommended by NAPA)

Why is that important to you?

  • We have been selling our products to hundreds of companies all over the world for years. That should give you comfort knowing that we have proven products and stability.
  • As a family owned business, we are dedicated to making each client feel special because they are!
  • If you want to buy the same type of products as you would from the huge corporations but with personalized service,


How It Works

  • Odors occur naturally and so does the science to combat those odors we may find offensive. Natural vegetation is able to neutralize unwanted odors without masking, without the occurrence of corrosion, and without draining energy resources. 
  • The natural oils of evergreen trees, for example, prevent us from smelling animal wastes and decay as we walk through forested areas. The evergreen oils essentially cancel out the chemicals involved in producing the odors of decomposing animal waste matter. Another natural product, the lemon, is widely recognized for its ability to control the odors of fish.
  • Through extensive research, we have identified which natural plant oils counteract specific offensive odors. We use essential oils in combination with the technology of organic chemistry to solve odor problems