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  • Plant Oil Technology

    Plant Oil Technology

    Plant oil technology made into a liquid that can be diluted in water or oil. Best when sprayed. Use our nozzle system or Mist Stick or an existing spray system you may have or want.

  • Odor Control Co - Granules

    Odor Control Co - Granules

    Odor neutralizers emit from the granules. Great product to use if no electricity available. Granules may be sprinkled onto the source of the odor like inside a dumpster. Fill sleeves or our custom made blankets with the odor controlling granules to create a barrier or screen between the odor and your neighbors.

  • Odor Control Co - Powders

    Odor Control Co - Powders

    Dried essential oils evaporate from powder, generally used when odor source is wet. May be sprinkled or we can put a pre-measured amount (up to a pound) into a water soluble bag for you to just toss into various wet odorous areas like a lined pond or lagoon.