Oekolab Fuhrmann GmbH Waste Water Technology

Oekolab Fuhrmann GmbH Waste Water Technology

Oekolab Fuhrmann GmbH Waste Water Technology

Waste Water Treatment. The mechanism of our laboratory is aligned to the treatment of environmental relevant samples. For the analysis of waste water we have modern spectrometric and chromatographic systems. Waste water analytics rank without reservation among the major task of our laboratory. Further applications of water analytics are during processing given by surface and fishery water, industrial water and boiler feeding water. The analysis of solid and firm matrices as dredges, sedimends, soils and wastes is a further service range of our house. Finally we would like to refer still to different material analyses, like electroplating liquids, examination of recycling material from road construction, investigation of fire arrears, investigation of textiles and timber materials pollutants.

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Kleiner Flecken 1 , Sonnefeld-Hassenberg , 96242 Germany
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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The Oekolab FUHRMANN GmbH is modern services enterprises in the range of technical environmental protection. By the combination of our two divisions

Waste water/environmental technology; laboratory

We are for the operator of plants for waste water treatment and water purification in industry and municipality a competent partner. We do not only take over the planning of plants, which we ourselves install and wait, but we offer also a comprehensive spare part and repair service. With the trade of appropriate hose and compressed air material, container and pumps we are accessible also for the private customer. In our laboratory we can accomplish not only analyses, but also attempts to the waste water purification, e.g. precipitation, oxidation and reduction method for chemical waste water treatment as well as for the sedimendation and flocculation. For the building of sewage systems and the assembly from alarm devices for leaks we are as specialized enterprise of the TÜV Bavaria examines


Oekolab FUHRMANN was created 1992 on private basis. The investigation of most diverse environmentalrelevant materials was the center of attention thereby. In order to follow the qualitatively high requirements to the comparability of the results, substantial investments for the laboratory equipment were transacted to the DIN analysis. A consultation within the range of environmental protection was likewise taken up to the program with. Thus one followed to the needs after a comprehensive service. Not only results of analysis, but also a professional consultation in all questions resulting from it can be ordered thus to the customer. Despite substantial competition pressure our concept came up. A constantly increasing trunk of content customers provided for a sturdy foundation of our recent enterprise.