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  • Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM)

    Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM)

    The Articulated Concrete Block Mattress (ACBM) is a rectangular unit made of concrete blocks joined together by polypropylene ropes. The mattress is flexible in two dimensions and is available in a range of thicknesses to suit the conditions required. The ACBM is used for the anchorage and protection of underwater pipelines and cables and for protecting the foundations of structures against water scouring.

  • Ballasted and Remediating Mats

    Ballasted and Remediating Mats

    The Maccaferri Ballasted and Remediating Mats are pre-fabricated composite mattresses used in underwater applications for filtration, separation, containment and remediation of the sea bed. They are used beneath marine (or river) structures such as breakwaters, scour protection, groynes and the like, or whenever a foundation filter layer is required between the intervention and the sea-bed.

  • Biomac - Biodegradable Blankets

    Biomac - Biodegradable Blankets

    Biomac blankets are used for surface erosion protection. Also known as Rolled Erosion Control Protection (RECPs) mats, they provide immediate protection to vulnerable slopes to the effects of erosion such as wind, rain and surface run-off. Placed onto topsoiled and seeded slopes, Biomac supports the establishment of vegetation. As the mat biodegrades over time, the protection function is maintained by the vegetation.

  • Soil Reinforcement Duna Systems

    Soil Reinforcement Duna Systems

    The Duna System is a reinforced soil bund used to form acoustic and visual barriers. Each face can be selected to either vegetate, or have a stone finish according to client needs. The embankment is constructed from modular two-sided elements which are stacked onto each another to form the steep, or even vertical, faces of the bund. The face elements are connected to one another by soil reinforcement geogrids, which are then backfilled with compacted...

  • Wirand - Fibres for Concrete

    Wirand - Fibres for Concrete

    Wirand is our steel fibre reinforcement for concrete. It acts directly on the concrete matrix, improving its mechanical properties; ductility, structural strength, toughness and preventing cracking. Steel fibres enable the redistribution of tensile forces, increasing the flexibility of the concrete.

  • FibroMac - Polypropylene Fibres for Concrete

    FibroMac - Polypropylene Fibres for Concrete

    Maccaferri FibroMac polypropylene fibres are composed of extremely fine polymer filaments produced by an extrusion process. Synthetic fibres do not bring structural benefits to the concrete, but bring other advantages. They are primarily used to protect the integrity of the concrete when it is subjected to high temperatures and direct heat, such as fires. They dramatically reduce thermal spalling. FibroMac synthetic fibres also improve plastic...

  • Gabion Baskets

    Gabion Baskets

    We are the undisputed global leader in the manufacture, design and supply of gabion baskets. Maccaferri gabions are cages which are engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, our gabions are assembled and then filled with stones at the project site.

  • Cubirock - Prefilled Gabion Baskets

    Cubirock - Prefilled Gabion Baskets

    Cubirock prefilled gabions represent a new generation of gabion for Maccaferri. In comparison with traditional gabions which are filled on the job site, Cubirock units are prefilled and then transported to the project ready for deployment into the works. Cubirock™ gabions are perfect when a gabion retaining wall needs to be constructed very rapidly, for example, during the night time closure of a road or railway. They are lifted into place using...

  • Green Terramesh - Environmentally Friendly Modular System

    Green Terramesh - Environmentally Friendly Modular System

    Green Terramesh is an environmentally friendly modular system used to form vegetated (green) faced soil reinforced slopes (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes. On taller slopes and structures, it can also be used in conjunction with our high performance primary geogrids, ParaLink®, ParaGrid® and MacGrid® WG.

  • Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers

    Rockfall Protection & Snow Barriers

    Physical and economic risk of rockfall. Rockfall protection and rockfall mitigation are key elements in the security and safety of infrastructure, mine works, buildings or people. Even small rockfalls, or debris flows can block infrastructure and can have far-reaching economic effects beyond the immediate disruption. This also applies to buildings or other installations at risk of damage from rockfalls, avalanches or debris flows.

  • Reno - Mattress

    Reno - Mattress

    Named after one of the first interventions carried out by Maccaferri over 100 years ago, the Reno Mattress® is now synonymous with hydraulic works and erosion protection projects worldwide. Our Reno Mattresses® are cages, engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, they are assembled and then filled with stones at the project site to form flexible and permeable, monolithic structures such as river...