For more than 15 years, Ohio Lumex has been a manufacturer of the market-leading RA 915 Atomic Absorption Mercury Spectrometer with Zeeman Background Correction. It is the most sensitive, reliable, and portable mercury measuring device in the world verified and highly recommended by the US EPA. In the last 10 years, we have used this analyzer to create the Sorbent Trap Analyzer System which is an excellent tool for Reference Method 30B RATA and simple to use for Mercury Emissions Compliance Reporting. With our vast experience in mercury, we have become the most widely used manufacturer of the highest quality Custom Made and Spiked Sorbent Traps. In addition, we are a full staff laboratory capable of doing sorbent trap analysis, fly ash, coal, and all industrial testing such as wastewater, boiler water, raw materials, and more. We have also created a portable Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitor which is great for Sorbent Injection /Control Efficiency Verifications.

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We have successfully incorporated this analyzer into a complete Sorbent Trap Analysis System, which is a must-have tool for EPA Reference Method 30B RATAs and for Mercury Emissions Compliance Reporting (Performance Specification 12B). Ohio Lumex has also used its vast experience and knowledge of mercury measurement and analysis to become the most widely used manufacturer of Sorbent Traps in the industry. Extending the value we can bring to our clients, we offer a fully-staffed NELAP certified laboratory capable of performing analysis on sorbent traps, fly ash, coal, and other materials such as wastewater, boiler water, raw materials, and more.

For the past 10 years, Ohio Lumex has devoted much of its Research and Development efforts to creating the state of the art 915J Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitor. This CEMM is permanently installed at the stack and is used as a process monitor to optimize the plant’s operations by providing real-time mercury emissions data. Access to this information allows the user to minimize sorbent injections with peace of mind that the mercury emissions remain below the limit. The revolutionary modular design of the system limits potential down time and minimizes maintenance. To help our industry partners better test, understand, and evaluate the effectiveness of different control technologies, we have created a testing group that uses a modified portable version of this CEMM to come on-site and set up the monitors at a single or multiple locations. This flexibility can greatly increase the usefulness of the data for our customers.