Oil and Gas Regulatory

Oil and Gas Regulatory

We built Oil and Gas Regulatory on a foundation of industry experience and our customers will tell you that we know their business. Many of our clients have been with us since nearly the beginning, including several client relationships of 20+ years. Our team of professionals, most with at least 20 years experience in oil and gas business processes, become part of our customers team, providing counsel and guidance in addition to acutally building regulatory and land departments into business plans. By balancing our growth with the service expectations of our customers, we have kept our costs low and our quality high. The Internet offers great potential to expand our business into new areas without impacting our high quality and service commitments. We are not a huge company and our customers like it that way.

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P.O. Box 894 , Dallas , TEXAS USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Nationally (across the country)


  • Value is measured by results, reliability, and efficiency
  • Solutions must be flexible to meet each customer’s needs and goal
  • All successful engagements are a partnership between the Client & OGBS team
  • Our focus and experience in merging technology and business processes differentiates our service

We teach your employees how to handle the regulatory requirements for oil and gas well operators. Also can consult and handle all of the regulatory needs your company requires

Why choose our programs:

  • Over 30 years regulatory experience
  • Best in industry trainers
  • Federal, State and Municipal Regulatory Training
  • On-site programs are cost effective for your entire company
  • Train to specific needs of each company

In addition,  Oil & Gas Regulatory ™ consults on a variety of issues for oil and gas companies, and perform special projects. Not all companies have a designated regulatory and land lease analysts. Yet, there are times, such as an acquisition or divestiture, auditing or on boarding new wells, when you want the the best and most knowledgeable people helping you navigate the situation. Knowing you are in compliance and meeting all company and industry regulatory obligations lets buy-outs and sell-offs run smoothly. Nothing is worse than finding out you have gotten nothing but sloppy bad land title. It was rushed and not properly cured. We haveteh teaminplace to quickly and accuratley analyze what your true lease holds looks like before you buyt he farm.

Why waste time and money sending your regulatory team to a conference when you can teach them in their own environment.  This allows you to bring up company specific issues that need to be discussed, resolved and kept confidential. It is easier and much less expense to the bottom line to bring one person to your office rather than fly,  lodge and feed a team of employees. Also, being in-office allows you to send more than just your regulatory  personnel. It is always helpful for engineers, geologists and landmen to have a good working background in oil and gas regulatory practices.

You never have to worry about wells being severed, fines levied against your company or other issues that can arise,  if you have your regulatory personnel properly trained and up to speed on all current oil and gas regulatory issues.

Call Oil & Gas Regulatory™ now for a consultation and training quote. We can structure training to meet your company’s needs and size.  Send us a list of topics you would like training in, areas your company  needs asistance with or a scope of work that needs to be completed and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal of classes and costs.