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Oizom is an Environmental Solution Company. Started with a life-centric approach, Oizom builds data-driven solutions for environmental parameters monitoring like Particulates, Gases, Odour, Noise, Light, Radiation, Weather etc. By evolving with technology and through extensive R&D, Oizom Instruments aspires to set a class apart in its measurement accuracy and precision. Through an ecosystem of products, Oizom Instruments aims to make the environment understandable and predictable. With a dense network of Oizom Instruments and machine-learning data-science, Oizom strives to create a sustainable living.

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412-Sigma Icon, Shyamal, , Ahmedabad , Gujarat 380015 India

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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
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IOT Environmental Instruments
Oizom Instruments are built in accordance with the latest IoT protocols & networked sensors systems.  Oizom Instruments collects environmental data with the highest possible accuracy. Each of Oizom Instruments are uniquely designed to solve its purpose and critical application.

Environmental Data- Acquisition
Oizom collects data on real time basis through the networked IoT instruments. Oizom terminal acts as a visualization and analytics platform to serve the data in the form of reports. The segregated and consolidated data assists in monitoring the quality and controlling the overuse of natural resources.

Pollution Source Spotting
Through strategic installations, Oizom develops a dense data-grid of networked instruments which helps in understanding the phenomena of pollution and climate change. Through the monitoring on the fourth dimension of time, environmental mapping, spotting and resolving the sources of pollution becomes possible.

Forecasting & Climate-Change Analysis
Oizom artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms identify unique patterns in environmental dynamics and provide accurate forecasting and predictions through machine learning. Using Oizom Big-Data analytics, climate-change analysis is possible through environmental impact assessment.

Bringing Change Through Awareness
Environmental degradation and pollution are global issues which can only be solved by combined efforts. Kickstarting towards the change, Oizom is spreading awareness through community efforts in the form of data followed by actions to fight against it. Oizom is building eco-community platforms to solve global issues through community solutions.

Framework For Policy Building
Policies are designed to bring change at macro levels. Pollution is a problem that is encountered at a global level. Thorough research needs to be conducted before implementing the policies that ensure it will reduce them. Oizom provides governance bodies reports and historical data through which analysis and studies can be conducted to create promising policies.

Oizom holds a strong expertise in its proprietary technologies and intellectual properties. Developed with disruptive technology methods Oizom challenges the traditional methods with an assurance of better results. Oizom instruments are relatively cost-effective, energy efficient and compact with minimal man power requirement.

Oizom instruments holds key on various sensor technologies for its IoT instruments, they sensors are enhanced through constant calibrations and validations. Oizom Instruments has its sensors validated on proven fundamentals like NDIR, Electrochemical, Semiconductor, Nose-Mic, Optical, Laser-Scattering etc. Our measurement methods are based on cross technology comparison which allows us to pick the best sensors for required application. 

Mechanical design plays a vital role in the performance and accuracy of our instruments. Our instruments are designed with IP65+ enclosures which protect them against harsh environmental conditions. The instruments are held within a strong enclosure which are difficult to tamper with hence making them safe and secure. 

The IT infrastructure is the pillars upon which Oizom instruments embarks its journey. The data transmission protocols are highly secured and protected by data encryption methods. The cloud servers can withhold high QPS with zero drop-down rate which makes cloud computing and real time data readily available on the Oizom Terminal. With Intelligent Algorithms, machine learning and data science Oizom terminal provides accurate analysis, smart reports and custom notifications. 

Oizom opts for natural sources of energy to run its instruments like solar energy. Through innovating with the ever developing technology and extensive R&D Oizom Instruments is thriving to be a class apart in its developments.

At Oizom, we are working day and night to make the world “Actually” a better place. Environmental-degradation and Pollution are on the opposite side on the coin of Development. We have joined hands togather to save “Mother Nature” with the help of technology.

We are on a mission to lead development but not at the cost of environment. Through Next-Generation Technology and Sustainable Design-Thinking, Oizom team has developed an Ecosystem to make Environment Understandable and Predictable.

Oizom team is pioneered by 3 co-founders Ankit Vyas (CEO), Sohil Patel (CTO), Vrushank Vyas (CDO) who built a team of IoT engineers, Environmental Specialists, Tech. Developers, Product designers, Ui/UX ninjas, Business developers and enthusiasts who are contributing to the mission environment.

Smart City Development
With technological advancements human life has been progressing and there are new innovations happening everyday that are a step further to make our lives easier and better. Smart cities was an idea conceptualized to keep our urban infrastructure developing at the same pace. It is an idea to make the citizens happier and more content by making their lives easy using the integration of information and communication technology.

Smart Cities has the mission objective to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions.

The question that lies unanswered, is smart city really possible or merely a vague concept? Smart cities focuses on Clean & Sustainable Environment which is only possible after we have discovered the condition of our environment.

This is where Oizom comes into the picture and answers the question, Yes! Smart city infrastructure is possible. With our Air Pollution Monitoring devices, stay updated about the air quality in your areas relevant steps can then be taken by regulatory bodies to take desired actions.

Polludrone, an IOT product by Oizom is specially created to keep a check on the air quality of smart cities. Polludrone monitors the air quality and gives real time data about the air quality of the city. Harmful gases like SO2, NO2, O3, Carbon monoxide and noise are measured by the Polludrone

Industrial Pollution
At the cost of developing a better tomorrow the harm we are doing to the environment is inexcusable. Industrial revolution begun in the mid 19th Century and since then we have been hampering our environment for our comforts and our need for resources. The demand has always been greater than the supply, making us exploit the ecosystem to the core.

Industrial pollution has been one of the major contributors to the total pollution. Several active steps have been taken by regulatory bodies to bring down the pollution level and harmful gases emitted from the industries. However, a satisfactory result cannot be obtained as it is not possible to detect pollution caused by each and every industry.

It is the duty of industries to install Air Pollution monitors in their premises and detect the air quality and keep a check on the environment. However, the Air Pollution Monitors are very expensive and need constant manpower, hence midsized and cottage industries cannot afford to monitor air quality of their industrial premises.

Polludrone has been created keeping in mind the need of mid sized and cottage industries who can install it and get real time data about pollution caused by their industries. Various industries release various kinds of gases, which are harmful to the ecosystem. Polludrone is designed with highly modular sensor system which can be altered as per requirements. Therefore, industries can have Polludrone to measure the gases as per their requirements.

Wildlife Conservation
Pollution causes more harm to wildlife than humans. Air pollution causes eutrophication in water which increases the growth of algae which adversely affects the marine life.Industries located near wildlife habitat areas pollute the air forcing the wildlife to either adapt to the deteriorated environment or move to other places in search of clean air, pure water.

Wildlife conservatory boards have imposed restriction on establishing factories near wildlife reserves and sanctuaries but several cottage industries still function in remote areas of the forests and go unnoticed by the officials.  Apart from pollution through industries there are several other factors that deteriorate the air quality in forests, for example carcass of dead animals that lay open in forests etc.

To ensure that the wildlife is not under harm due to air pollution, the Polludrone keeps a track of the air quality in forests areas and whenever there is some unusual change in the air quality and temperature forest officials are immediately informed who can visit the place to check and take required actions. Through Polludrone it becomes easier to detect in case of Forest Fires as well, during a fire a lot of Carbon monoxide is produced which can be instantly detected on the device and an alert message can be send.

Climate Change
There has been a drastic change in the climate in the past 50 years. Glaciers are melting, increasing the water at sea level there are uneven rains and floods causing loss of plant and animal life. Uneven seasons deteriorate the crops making fertile lands useless.

Pollution is one of the prime reasons for climate change, according to a report, the Ozone layer above the city of Mumbai, India, has depleted beyond repairs. Excessive air pollution is depleting the ozone layer in the major cities of the globe, putting the citizens to the risk of direct UV rays which causes skin diseases.

Suggestive measures need to be taken against air pollution, but to take relevant steps we need to detect the actual source of pollution and the factors causing it. Once we have spotted areas and sources of pollution we can take actions accordingly to control it.

Detecting of pollution spots is only possible if we monitor pollution levels at regular distances and project it on a heat map. Is it viable to detect pollution level of an area at every square kilometre?

Yes, with Polludrone we can measure pollution levels at regular distance intervals and detect the actual source of pollution. Polludrone, a cost effective air pollution monitor can be mounted on poles at regular distances to assist us detect the exact source of pollution.

Real-Estate & Residential
Buying a new estate or house is a huge investment for everyone. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when we move into a new place. We wish to have the best amenities and facilities to be provided to us whenever we are shifting to the new place.

It is inherent that the consumer is looking out for an upragde and a better standard of living when he is purchasing and shifting to an new place. The promised facilities that real estate brokers always assure is about clean water, a garden area to keep us close to the nature and other luxuries.

But what about the air quality of the area? How do you judge if the area where you are planning to shift has pure air which is good for your health. Is there a way we could judge the air pollution level of the area and based on it take a wiser decision?

Yes, Real estate developers and builders can install polludrone in the premises and share the data to the customers who can check the air quality of the area and decide whether they would like to shift to the area. Through polludrone Real Estate Developers and Builders get a chance to prove to their customers that they aren’t only giving away luxurious amenities but also a clean environment to live in.

Tourism & Hospitality
Tourism industries strive on visitors who come to our city/ town/ country to visit places of interest and get a break from the monotonous lives. Several cities and towns have tourism industries as their backbone to generate revenues.

Tourist attractions places are usually calm, serene and pure in comparison to the urban lives where we dwell. However, usually people do not realize that vacations refresh us because of the fresh air in those pollution free areas.

Most of tourist attraction places are generally the least polluted areas of the country. Tourism regulatory bodies can add this as a point of goodwill in their promotions and redefine the experience to visiting their town.

Pollution free vacation can act as a great selling point for tourism boards to promote the cities and attract tourists. With polludrone installed at tourisms spots, high level of air quality can be promoted by putting the data open to public in the form of digital billboards showing real time air quality of the areas.

With polludrone a new marketing USP can be created for the tourism industry.Monitor the air pollution levels at tourism spots and invite tourists to experience serene atmoshpehere and pure air.