Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Oizom is an environmental IoT company offering data-driven environmental solutions for better decision making. With our sensor-based hardware, we monitor various environmental parameters like air quality, noise, odor, radiation, weather conditions, etc. Our data analytics platform derives many actionable insights for authorities, communities, and industries. Oizom strives to play an essential role in a sustainable future through smart environmental solutions and data science.

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306, Indraprasth Corporate, Prahladnagar, , Ahmedabad , Gujarat 380015 India
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Keeping Environment at the core (of our thoughts and actions), we envision to empower various industries with highly scalable data-driven solutions for better decision making.

Implement our Environmental IoT and Environmental AI solutions in 50 Major cities of the world by 2020.

We empathize with nature for a better tomorrow. For this, we welcome everyone’s ideas to fight environmental deterioration. The zeal to create a brighter future keeps us going.


Planning & Mapping
Locating the source of pollution is crucial before installing Ambient Air Quality Monitors. Oizom has a team of environmental engineers and GIS experts to assess the appropriate location for the strategic placement of the equipment. This improves the relevance of the data collected from the air quality monitoring network.

Implementation and O&M
Oizom offers an end-to-end solution from equipment installation to its operation and maintenance. With an experienced team of maintenance engineers and retrofit hardware design, Oizom solutions are easy to install and troubleshoot.

Solution Delivery with Calibration
Environmental data is directly related to public health. Hence, its accuracy is very crucial. Oizom technology excels in data accuracy for environmental monitoring solutions. Oizom equipment passes through a 3-level calibration procedure – Factory, Lab, and Co-location calibration for accuracy.

Data Analytics
The accumulated data is reflected in the Oizom Terminal. The terminal offers different visualization and analytics tools to enable users to make data-driven decisions. The analytics platform allows users to identify pollution trends, pollution source mapping, noise, and odor source location, etc. to make infrastructure or policy changes.


Oizom has years of experience in stimulating innovation by creating groundbreaking technology for environmental monitoring. With IoT-based development approach, Oizom has been able to successfully unlock multiple solutions, catering to various industries.

Our sensing technology works on proven working principles like NDIR, Electrochemical Analysis, Semiconductor, Optical Measurement, and Laser-Scattering. As a part of our proprietary ‘Micro Active Sampling’ (e-breathing technology), we have a smartly-designed sample intake and monitoring system inside a controlled environment. This isolates the effect of external environment on measurement to achieve 13% higher accuracy than the industry standards.


At Oizom, we are working day and night to make the world “Actually” a better place. Environmental-degradation and Pollution are on the opposite side on the coin of Development. We have joined hands together to save “Mother Nature” with the help of technology.

We are on a mission to lead development but not at the cost of the environment. Through Next-Generation Technology and Sustainable Design-Thinking, Oizom team has developed an Ecosystem to make Environment Understandable and Predictable.

Oizom team is pioneered by 3 co-founders Ankit Vyas (CEO), Sohil Patel (CTO), Vrushank Vyas (CDO) who built a team of IoT engineers, Environmental Specialists, Tech. Developers, Product designers, Ui/UX ninjas, Business developers, and enthusiasts who are contributing to the mission environment.