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  • Oizom - Air Quality India App

    Oizom - Air Quality India App

    Air Quality India App is developed for the citizens to stay updated with the pollution levels in their area. The user friendly interface gives users information on the go. With a click citizens can check their Air-Q data and take suggestive actions. With an encyclopedia about air in the Knowledge Centre Oizom shares a pool of information.

  • Oizom - Environmental Data Terminal

    Oizom - Environmental Data Terminal

    Oizom Terminal is an Environmental Data Visualization & Analytics Platform. It contains modules like ANALYTICS, AUTOMATED REPORTS, CLUSTER VIEW, SMART NOTIFICATIONS, HEATMAPS, WIDGETS & so on. Analytics can be performed by 3 different approaches like parameter comparisons, various device comparisons, and pollution rose. Smart notifications - where email SMS and push notifications can be generated using thresholds set by the customer Automated reports -...

  • Oizom - Version Environmental.Ai - POLLUTION MAPPING

    Oizom - Version Environmental.Ai - POLLUTION MAPPING

    Environmental AI is a street by street pollution mapping and source detection platform for cities. We place our air monitoring network in the city and on top of the real-time pollution data we also integrate the secondary data sources like satellite, meteorological, traffic, and pollutions source inventory. Thereafter, we perform dispersion modeling at a city scale every single hour. The heat map shown is of Delhi where 6.5 Lakh data points are predicted...