As a company active throughout Europe in environmental technology, we design, construct, and manufacuture unorthbox solutions in the field of preliminary waste water treatment for our demanding customer. Our dedicated staff fulfil uncompromisingly the individual needs and requirements of our clients. We take care that our waste water treatment plants OKO-aquaclean are reliably and unfailingly at work - stationary or mobile for quick action on site, depending on the application. Other ranges of use are emulsion-cracking of mineral-oil containing waste waters in general, groundwater remediation and dealing with avergaes after oil accidents as well as cleaning of cooling lubricants and degreasing baths for life prolongation.

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Obernhagen 2 , Hess. Oldendorf , D-31840 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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OKO-tech has been producing energy-efficient and ecologic plants for reprocessing industrial effluents for customers throughout Europe for more than 20 years.

OKO-tech has a team of experienced practical engineers and chemists whose primary task is to provide customer-oriented advice in terms of economic and process-reliable solutions for the waste producer.

The OKO-tech team draws their decades of experience from the construction and operation of large physico-chemical treatment plants that process all kinds of different industrial effluents in such a way that they comply with the local regulations for discharge into the sewer system.

OKO-tech has access to a broad range of proprietary and proven treatment methods. Nevertheless, OKO-tech also uses proven partner-technologies and integrates them into the overall concept of complex systems.

The physico-chemical plants designed by OKO-tech reprocess hazardous inorganic and organic liquid wastes along the lines of the waste codes of the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) in such a way that the pollutants removed from the waste can be recycled and the water may be treated in biological sewage treatment plants. The reduction of the pollutants is based on the relevant legal requirements. Many systems developed by OKO-tech are type-approved by the DIBT. All plants comply with the BAT (best available technology) required by authorities.

Industries use OKO-aquaclean wastewater treatment systems for life extension of process water and cooling water systems as well as for demulsification, emulsion separation and precipitation of heavy metals from organically and inorganically contaminated waste water.

We are…


We ensure economical and efficient use of you energy and resources.


We want to meet challenges and come up with creative ideas together with you.


We want to join forces with you and implement your targets actively and sustainably.

Our products are…


Our products combine both tradition and innovation by linking proven and new technologies.


We resolve the contradiction between low energy consumption and maximum purification performance.


Our waste water treatment systems are robust, resistant to corrosion, compact and network-capable.


We live 'Made in Germany“ by combining handcraft and state-of-the-art production technology.