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Olympic Wire and Equipment, Inc.

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  • Balers

  • Olympic - Two Ram Balers

    Olympic - Two Ram Balers

    Olympic offers the IPS Two Ram Baler. This baler is ideal for baling a wide variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, all plastics and aluminum/steel cans. We also offer a super heavy duty metals option which bales all non-ferrous metals. Heavier bale weights, high thru-puts, durable construction and innovative design features make these two ram balers simply the best.

  • Auto Tie Balers

    Auto Tie Balers

    Olympic offers the largest selection of open-end auto-tie balers from Balemaster. Whether your requirements call for 10 bales per day or 500 bales per day, Olympic has the baler to fit your specific application. We know every application is unique, yet with our broad line (150 models) of Balemaster Balers, we offer a superior design, touch screen diagnostics and controls, high energy efficiency motors, easy maintenance and a preventive maintenance...

  • Horizontal Balers

    Horizontal Balers

    Several models of Closed Door balers are available. Conveyor fed balers offer high production with minimal handling at an economical price. They offer great features with the ability to switch materials without contamination with quick bale tie off and removal. These balers can bale non-ferrous scrap as well.

  • Olympic - Vertical Balers

    Olympic - Vertical Balers

    Olympic has a complete line of vertical balers in a variety of bale sizes to suit your recycling needs. These balers can create bales of cardboard, paper, plastic / film, non-ferrous metals, rags, cans and many other recyclable materials. Preventive maintenance programs available with all of our vertical balers. Saves maintenance time and space. Standing at the side of the baler, the operator simply depresses the up button and the bale rises...