Omec Motors

Established in more than 20 countries Omec Motors is one of the largest independent manufacturers and distributors in Europe. We develop, manufacture, distribute and market electric motors on a global scale and have a solid reputation in the electric motor industry.

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Broekstraat 32 , Arnhem , 6828 PZ Netherlands

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Business Type:
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US

Omec Motors is part of the PEJA group. Together with Simotop (a JV with Simotop Group SPA), Kaiser Motoren and Taylor & Goodman, we form the Electric Motor Division of PEJA.

Ever since the creation of the PEJA group in 1937, international business has been at  the center of the company’s activities. During the years after WWII, PEJA sells furniture, beds, domestic appliances, household goods and everything that can be sold with a margin.

In 1949, PEJA tries to sell some 300 used buses without much success until the coincidental meeting between Antonius Bienemann and a Russian officer leads to the first ‘mega-deal’ for PEJA: ƒ 4.5 million (€ 1.88 million). Customer: the Russians in Berlin, paid for in goods. The start of an era for Peja Producten.

The business with VEM electric motors (since 1964) in the former DDR inspired PEJA to find a chinese partner for the production of electric motors. Dutchi Motors is born in 1991 and sold in 2008, after almost 20 years of successful business in the global market for electric motors.

Innovation and numerous business requests have been the root to the creation of Omec Motors in 2012 and the success that follows on today.  We pride ourselves by communicating in over 14 languages and establishing solid business relations based on over 75 years of bartering history and trading experience.

Omec Motors, a global organisation with a personal touch.