Omnitec Design, Inc. specializes in manufacturing equipment for environmental cleanups, restoration, healthcare facilities, labs, emergency response and many other industries. Omnitec started in 1988 with an innovative, modular design of asbestos abatement equipment and expanded to other hazardous waste and bio-contamination specialty equipment. We introduced light weight, aluminum housings and a modular, stackable design for our negative air machines. Innovations over the years include variable speed controls to increase versatility of our equipment and an upright housing configuration to minimize the footprint. Now, our line of OmniAire HEPA machines can provide airflows from 50 to 18,000 CFM.

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4640 Campus Place Suite 100 , Mukilteo , Washington 98275 USA

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Health and Safety - Indoor Air
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Omnitec equipment combines the best technologies for scrubbing the air of fine dust and biological contaminants. We have been manufacturing air purification, filtration equipment and differential pressure monitors since 1988 and our equipment is used worldwide.

  • Omnitec has developed a line of unique equipment which includes:
  • OmniAire is our high quality, HEPA air filtration and purification equipment for use in abatement, industrial environments and healthcare.
  • OmniGuard, our differential pressure recorder, has become industry standard and our Watchman DP/Alarm monitor is a new economical addition.
  • OmniFlow purification unit for water discharged from asbestos and lead abatement sites.
  • Compact, high output Vulcan electric heaters for structural drying.
  • PEROX air purifiers for safe and effective VOC, odor and bio-contamination control. Effective for restoration after floods and fires, use in healthcare facilities, and thousands of additional applications.

A brief history…

Omnitec Design started in 1988 with an innovative design of a modular OmniForce negative air machine for asbestos abatement. It was a radical departure from the then-standard 300 lb. machines and the first truly portable neg air machine. OmniForce has now a variable speed and large capacity blower, but it retained its modular design for ease of portability and decontamination.

In 1992, Omnitec recognized a need to document negative pressure in containment and our OmniGuard DP recorder became the industry standard.

With increased focus on health concerns and the air quality in abatement, industrial environments, and healthcare facilities, we expanded our line of equipment. Omnitec manufactures quality equipment to suit the needs for the abatement, restoration and construction industries, healthcare facilities and first response teams. Our line of OmniAireHEPA air filtration machines delivers air flows from 50 to 18,000 CFM.

Our OmniFlow portable water filtration system is used to remove asbestos and lead contaminants at abatement sites. Structural drying is now more efficient, easier and safer with our Vulcan heaters and OmniAire 1500HS, moisture extraction machine with HEPA filtration. Safe removal of odor, VOCs, viruses, bacteria and other bio-contaminants can be effectively controlled with our PEROx air purifier.

Omnitec Design has a strong history of providing excellent products and dedicated customer support. Together with our network of distributors around the US and Canada, we are ready to assist you.

Vision and Mission:
Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable equipment for the restoration, abatement, and construction industries. When you purchase our equipment, you will receive our high-quality product, built in the USA and our customer service, which is the best in the industry. Our vision is to create products we are proud to stand behind. We fulfill that vision with every piece of equipment we create.

Values We Provide:
High Quality products,built in the USA. We choose only UL listed components and take great care in assembling and testing each machine. We take pride and personal responsibility for the quality of our equipment. The safety of contractors using our machines is most important to us. Our equipment was tested by the NRTL TUV lab, to comply with UL and CSA/IEC electrical and OSHA safety standards. Our equipment can be used on governmental projects and in the healthcare industry without risking potential shutdown by inspectors. Many of our machines also comply with CE/IEC requirements for European and international markets.

Omnitec Design manufactures negative air machines, scrubbers, moisture extractors, heaters, pressure monitors, and water filtration equipment used by abatement and restoration contractors, health care facilities, in industrial and commercial applications and a wide range of environmental cleanup projects. Our equipment combines the best technologies available for HEPA air filtration, control of VOCs, odor and biological contaminants and heaters for structural drying and sanitizing. Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable filtration equipment. Our equipment is used for Abatement, Remediation, Construction and renovations, labs and healthcare facilities, and more. When you purchase our equipment you will receive not only a quality product, built in the USA, but also our customer service which is the best in the industry. By purchasing our filtration, dust collecting, and purifying equipment, to will receive from Omnitec our complete support.  Breathe easy.