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Omron Automation and Safety is the Pan-American division of Omron Corporation`s Industrial Automation business, a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation and safeguarding products with over 80 years of success. We support machine builders and OEMs across the United States and Latin America with sensing and control technologies that help you deliver more capable and profitable machines in less time. We develop, manufacture, and supportg automation that improves the quality and efficiency of everything you make. Our automation experts collaborate with you to define objectives, identify problems and recommend/implement innovative solutions to achieve success. Join the growing list of customers who make Omron their trusted partner in automation.

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Omron offers long-established industry stability with resources invested in R&D to develop innovative technologies and solutions, supported by a global service network to keep your equipment and operations running smoothly. We understand that companies demand more from their operations and employees but allocate fewer resources. We provide services like product repair, applications engineering and training to help protect your automation investment and keep your operation optimized. Use our industry expertise and powerful yet simple solutions to advance your manufacturing process to the next level.

With its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Corporation is a global leader in the field of industrial automation, electronic components and healthcare. Founded by Kazuma Tateisi in 1933 and headed today by President & CEO Yoshihito Yamada, Omron has more than 33,000 employees in 36 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a wide spectrum of industries. Omron has head offices in Japan (Kyoto), Asia Pacific (Singapore), China (Hong Kong), Europe (Amsterdam) and the US (Chicago) to provide a support network for its products and services globally. With annual sales over $7 billion, Omron was ranked number 521 on Industry Week's 2008 IW1000 World's Largest Manufacturers.

Omron's Corporate Principles and Corporate Motto are centered around our core value of 'working for the benefit of society.'

Omron's Corporate Principles

In recent years, the values that society demands from a company have changed significantly. Unlike the past when only economic values were emphasized, social values are increasing in importance. Along with the steady growth and global expansion of Omron Corporation's business operations, our stakeholders—which include customers, business associates, shareholders/investors, local communities and employees—are expanding in scope and diversity. Against the backdrop of these changes, it is more essential than ever that Omron plays its part in the global community by engaging in various activities that benefit society. In this way, we can coexist in harmony with society, rather than solely pursuing financial growth through business operations.

In response to new societal requirements and value perceptions, the Omron Group has decided to review and reorganize the platform of its corporate philosophy, and has compiled it in the form of the new Omron Principles. The new Omron Principles were established around the core value of 'To improve lives and contribute to a better society.' We believe that this core value most clearly communicates our determination to coexist in harmony with society. It has remained central to the Omron Group's management practices and corporate activities over the past 50 years. To more clearly express this fundamental value, and preserve it for future generations, the Omron Group has once again placed it at the heart of the Omron Principles.


From selling trouser presses to...

It was the year 1930 when Kazuma Tateisi, founder of Omron Corporation, first started his business of manufacturing and selling trouser presses in Kyoto. From the beginning, he faced sluggish sales and excess stock. In an attempt to overcome financial difficulties, he worked on promoting its sales. However, this effort did not turn things around. Yet, from this hardship he learned many things, such as the importance of developing distribution channels, forging business contracts, implementing product demonstrations and advertising for promotion of sales—all still very important to business today.


...A multi-billion company

After trying his hand at a knife-grinder and trouser press, Tateisi, a brilliant inventor and determined salesman, launched Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. in 1933 based on a need by hospitals for faster X-ray timers. The 3-employee factory grew into Omron Corporation, today a US$5.5 billion global leader in sensing and control components with more than 35,000 employees spread out across 36 countries.

“Anticipating social needs and filling them with pioneering technology” best describes the role Omron has played over its 80 year history. Omron has left a string of developments that have revolutionized our lives, including several 'world firsts’: Non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine and fully automated train station system, and automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment. Omron makes significant contributions in a wide variety of fields, including industrial automation, home appliances, office equipment, automobiles, social and financial systems, and healthcare.


Our Promise is to be a company that...

  • Fully understands the kind of problems that can occur on a production line and works together with a customer to solve them
  • Remains totally engaged with our customers
  • Uses proven methods and steps to provide the solution to each customer's pain points

Our Customer...

can be anyone who is engaged in advancing the way products are created—from any industry, department or category of work. The idea of innovating product creation is not limited to the production floor—it can include research and development, shipping, after-sales support, and more. Through every stage of the process, we strive to provide exception support with our technological innovation and solution-oriented methods.

Omron applies its core competencies in sensing and control technologies through a variety of operations on a global scale.

Omron Automation & Safety follows Omron Corporation's mission and corporate principles to help our customers realize innovation in the industrial automation domain.

SINIC Theory: Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution

Developed by Omron's founder, Dr. Kazuma Tateisi, and presented at the 1970 International Future Research Conference, SINIC theory acts as a compass to align our corporate strategy with society's future needs. According to this theory, science, technology and society share a cyclical relationship, mutually impacting and influencing each other in two distinct ways. In one direction, scientific breakthroughs yield new technologies that help society to advance. In the other direction, social needs spur technological development and expectations for new scientific advancement. Thus, both of these factors affect each other in a cyclical manner, propelling further social evolution.

Omron's Corporate Statement: Sensing tomorrow

Ever since establishment, Omron has sought to promote innovation and benefit society. Anticipating the needs of future generations is the wellspring of our daily inspiration and a way of doing business that is deeply rooted in Omron's corporate DNA. For as long as Omron exists as a company, this will remain our mission.

No matter what challenges the future brings, we will continually develop new solutions to help build a safe and sustainable society where people enjoy peace of mind. Years of experience have taught us that true innovation is impossible if we fear failure or settle for conventional thinking. Working for the benefit of society - with an unwavering dedication to this core value, Omron will apply its unique competencies in sensing and control technology to the realms of safety, security, environmental protection and healthcare in pursuit of a brighter future for all.


Passionate about quality

Quality matters, but we think that being passionate about quality matters even more. And this passion, this total commitment to quality, reinforces everything that we do. Not just in product development and manufacturing, but in systems and support, in delivery and after-sales service, in the speed with which we answer the telephone, and the accuracy with which we fulfill your order.

Our quality assurance system is much more stringent than international norms. We help our customers build zero-defect manufacturing processes that make product recalls and final inspection routines a thing of the past. You will get the same level of quality wherever you or your customers are. And when we work with you, we share our passion for quality, freely passing on all the knowledge and expertise we have gained from our own production lines.

In the U.S., Omron is represented by these four main businesses:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Electronic Components
  • Healthcare

These companies, working with an extensive network of local distributors and solution providers, cover all of the U.S.

Established in the U.S. in 1973, Omron Electronics LLC—now Omron Automation & Safety—has grown to include sales, support and training available across the country, with an extensive network of distribution and support channels. From advanced automation systems to electronic control components and safety solutions, Omron helps America's largest and most demanding industries maximize efficiency and optimize production in their manufacturing processes. Our customers can rest assured any automation strategy developed will be done to meet the needs of today and the many challenges of the future.

We know our customers want continued success, and not just short-term solutions.

'Working for the benefit of society,' the credo of Omron founder Kazuma Tateisi, serves as the core value that underlies Omron’s corporate activities. Our founder believed that the real purpose for a company to exist is to serve society, and that only when this is accomplished should the company earn profits and enjoy sustainable growth.

He also believed that only companies that add value and meet social needs can earn trust and respect from society as good corporate citizens, and thus successfully continue to exist as businesses. At Omron, this spirit has been preserved and consistently maintained over the years.

As society's needs become more diversified and the social responsibilities that companies assume evolve and become even more multifaceted, it is crucial for companies to meet society's expectations.

Within this context, the OMRON Group will strive to be a valued corporate citizen by committing itself to:

  • Building trust and confidence with stakeholders through constructive engagement.
  • Demonstrating integrity, fairness, and transparency in all our business activities.
  • Contributing to the sustainable development of society by addressing its needs in a well-balanced manner, taking into consideration the economic, environmental, and social impact of our actions.