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  • Onda - Model III - Acoustic Intensity Measurement System (AIMS)

    Onda - Model III - Acoustic Intensity Measurement System (AIMS)

    AIMS III is the latest generation hydrophone scanning system that enhances acoustic measurement productivity to map acoustic fields in liquids.  User workflow is improved by productivity enhancements that save time in the measurement set-up, scanning, and reporting.  These enhancements are based on decades of scanning technology development.  Combined with Soniq Software, the user benefits from real-time plotting, automated FDA...

  • OptiSon - Ultrasound Beam Analyzer

    OptiSon - Ultrasound Beam Analyzer

    Visualize in real time and measure acoustic fields in seconds or minutes. Now you can achieve control of project timing and costs, gain a more comprehensive and confident understanding of the system and transducer performance, eliminate the tedium of testing and provide timely results. With 50 μm resolution and high dynamic range, there is no need to guess about the real field distribution. Now in a digital imaging version for better spatial...

  • Onda - Model RFB-2000 - Radiation Force Balance

    Onda - Model RFB-2000 - Radiation Force Balance

    Designed specifically for easy Ultrasound Power measurements on medical devices, the RFB-2000 requires little maintenance and no complex correction factors, and is compliant with regulatory requirements including AIUM-NEMA UD-2, UD-3, IEC 61161, and with associated IEC standards. Automation assures reliable means to validate Acoustic Output measurements as recommended by AIUM-NEMA document UD-2.

  • Aquas - Model 10 - Water Conditioner

    Aquas - Model 10 - Water Conditioner

    The AQUAS-10 is a complete water conditioner designed for use with ultrasound measurements in compliance with Technical Report IEC 62781. Because the quality of acoustic measurement can be significantly affected by various impurities - such as dissolved gases, deionized compounds, suspended particulates, and biological contaminants - a water treatment system is critical. The AQUAS-10 controls each of these factors in a fully integrated simple-to-use...

  • Onda - Model PCS-1000 - Pulsed Check Source System

    Onda - Model PCS-1000 - Pulsed Check Source System

    Designed to meet the need for a stable reference source in laboratories, the PCS-1000 serves as a trustworthy reference to regularly check the health of an acoustic measurement system. While representing your diagnostic imaging source, the PCS consists of a certified electronics controller and transducer that produces a known acoustic output. The PCS is calibrated in full compliance with regulatory standards AIUM-NEMA UD-2, UD-3, IEC 62127 and...

  • Onda - Model HIFU - Phantoms Gels

    Onda - Model HIFU - Phantoms Gels

    Now you can see what your transducer would do to human tissue in real time in 3D with crystal clear phantom gels! The complexity of testing HIFU devices in animal tissue can be significantly reduced by using our proprietary recording gels. Phantom gels are crystal clear synthetic gels that produce lesions of the same position, size and shape as those produced in real tissue when ultrasonic power is applied to the gel. The lesions appear as white,...

  • Onda - Model HGL-Series - Hydrophones

    Onda - Model HGL-Series - Hydrophones

    The unique HGL design bridges the gap between membrane and needle hydrophones. It has an extremely flat sensitivity similar to membrane devices, yet it does not have a reflection profile that affects the acoustic field. These traits lead the HGL series to be universally used for both pulsed and continuous wave applications. Furthermore, the HGL hydrophone can support measurements of transducers with difficult access from its probe shaped construction....